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Guess Who’s On The Cover Of Vogue India?

The Bold, The Beautiful And Not To Mention…
Confident… Miss Sonakshi Sinha!!! 

Sonakshi Sinha

International photographer Ellen VonUnwerth shot this month’s vogue cover, in which Sonakshi is seen wearing a Bottega Veneta crop top and printed Hemant and Nandita shorts.

After making her debut in “Dabangg” back in 2010, Sonakshi Sinha has been featured on many covers despite the rude comments people have said of her weight. She tells Vogue “So when I hear people still going on about it (my weight) and calling me fat, I’m like, ‘just get a life!'”

When asked “So you don’t care about critics” in her latest interview with Filmfare this month Sonakshi replied “If it’s constructive criticism, if it’s said for my good then yes I heed it. I will take it in the right spirit. But some people are prejudiced against you. I disregard their criticism. This happens in every profession. The higher you climb, there are people waiting to pull you down. But I remain focused on my job. If I do it perfectly there’s nothing to stop me. Kiski mazaal hai ki rok sake!”

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha

The Selfie Queen has also taken to the popular app Dubsmash posting videos of her saying lines to “Fight Club,” featuring a cameo video with Salman Khan and her dad Shatrughan Sinha’s dialogues!

Sonakshi Sinha

Speaking of family, Shotgun junior as she is fondly known as in the industry wished all mothers a Happy Mothers day on Facebook with a picture of her, and her mom embracing each other during her brothers wedding! How cute! But you must be wondering… Sonakshi’s brother is married? What about Sonakshi? Does she have anyone in her life as has been rumoured… and what does Sonakshi have to say about this when asked by Filmfare magazine “Is there a mystery man in your life?” … well… “(laughs) ‘Mystery’ never remains a mystery in this industry. But right now I don’t have any man, mystery or not mystery. I’m single and happy.”

And there you have it folks! Sonakshi Sinha! Be sure to check her out on her next movie “Akira” which is a remake of the Tamil movie “Mouna Guru” to be released later this year!

I now leave you with this… sincerely from the one and only ^_^

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