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Groundshaker 2

Groundshaker II – Aman Hayer

This new record serves as both a complement and a contrast to 'GroundShaker II'
and with Aman’s unimaginably intricate beats this sounds like no Genie Records
release you've ever heard before!
Working with a host of star collaborators, including Jazzy B, Apache Indian,
Hard Kaur and Nirmal Sidhu this album shows a distinct progression in style
and sound.
Aman Hayer
A heady mix of lightning-fast guitar riffs, heavy duty beats and impeccable vocal presence makes
'GroundShaker II' a perfect combination of the East-West genre mix. With ‘Tharti Hildi
becoming an iconic Bhangra song of the modern era, its aura makes it a slice of modern
Punjabi music that is equally recognisable and loved by every age group and
more importantly, every music lover worldwide.
With over a decade of tutelage from ‘The Music Man’ Sukshinder Shinda it’s clear to see
that a lot of Shinda’s characteristics have rubbed off onto Aman.
At the same time, Aman’s now own inimitable style is in heavy demand and he has firmly
established his brand of Punjabi folk using a sumptuous mix of raw and traditional elements
wrapped within a street savvy sound.
Highlights include Jazzy B on ‘Boliyan GSII’ featuring item girl Yana Gupta in a stunning
video shot in Mumbai, India
Along with ‘Sher Punjabi’ by Nirmal Sidhu featuring G Money, Aman Hayer has for
the first time ever recorded himself as a solo singer! Listen out for ‘Vekhi Lagdi
where Aman takes a leaf out of Shinda’s musical notebook on vocals accompanied
by the male/female rap duo of Apache Indian and Hard Kaur.
Another standout track uses an array of classical strings and a Latin influence on ‘Haa Karde
featuring the melodious Master Saleem alongside Bollywood playback artist Jayshree Shrivatam.

Over fourteen tracks he glides through a variety of stylistic forms, predominantly Bhangra, including
Jazzy B’s Chargai and Lembher Hussainpuri’s Gabhru Shakeen.
An accomplishment by an artist with a wealth of musical attributes to bring
these colossal names together.

With ‘Groundshaker’ has been one of biggest selling albums of recent times, maintaining the success of
this new record has been a major challenge for Aman while putting things together in the studio.

Aman Hayer

“The fans have been asking me since the last album release to come up with something even bigger and better and this has forced me to really make something even more special this time round.
I hope that I’ve delivered exactly what you guys want!” he has said.


Aman Hayer has surely set himself a high plateau to reach. 'GroundShaker II' is musically tight with the vocal dexterity and lyrical magicness to boot!

Each track stands on its own merits and you will just wait for the next great track, because you know another is coming. More importantly, once the album is over, you'll want to hear it again, all of it.

2008 is surely the year for GSII and Aman Hayer’s musical revolution!


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