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Gig revew

Gig revew “Desi DNA and Asian Network presents.”

Gig revew  

After hearing about this event last November, I though "I'm going to ths gig no matter what"! 


So me & my mate Dee (A non P2K member :o went as she's also a big Outlandish fan) went down to watch as I was lucky enough 2 get 2 VIP tickets for the event. ;D

Swami were amazing, They were all over the place & put a lot of bands to shame with there performance.
Not to sure who the female singer was with them, but she was quite good.

Jay Sean was really good as well with a live band. :D
He performed "Ride It" & " I Won't Tell" ( I think)

If you've seen jay perform before you know he's a good performer & I'm happy to say he's still got it. :)

Bishi was good as well, not my cup of cha, but you can't take her unique style away from her.

She's of Bengali orgion & plays the Sitar Standing up.
I was told by some guys I was next to in the VIP room that her drummer was the drummer for Kate Bush (70's /80's singer & as far as they can remember was wearing a shirt for the first time while playing drums as he normally wears a T shirt)

A interesting act to watch, but if your into your Left-field Pop French sounding music, you might like her stuff ???

Outlandish were my personal favorite of the night.
It was the 2nd time I've had a chance to see them & they rocked the crowd.
Trust me if you ever get a chance to watch them live in concert, you should go!!

As for Sona Family what can I say about them, except it's all about Kazz!!! ;) lol

They performed Talli (The next video from the album), and they got everyone at the front to clap their hands & ride the rickshaw (u need to see it to know what I mean), & I think it was more "More Glassy", Nope it was actually Dil Deewana.

I missed Tigerstyles performance, but I've been sent a upfront copy of the show on DVD by the BBC.

After watching the 2 tracks by Tigerstyle inc one ft Blitzkrieg & Gunjan on the DVD I have to say Tigerstyle are on that level of any mainstream act.

Gunjan also goes onto say that Tigerstyle will be producing her next solo album.

Blitz goes on about the difference between the Canadian Asian music scene & the British Asian Music Scene.
I'm gutted that I missed their performance after watching it on the DVD.
The funny thing is Tigerstyle & Blitz are personal friends of mine, but I never seen them perform live before.
+ I missed out on seeing Gunjan again.

Still I've had the privilege of doing a Radio interview with her when her debut album was released a few years ago.

In between all the acts, the crowd were entertained by DJ Kayper, who as usual tore the decks apart with her skillz.
If you've not seen Kayper play then your missing out!!

Overall it was a BRILLIANT NIGHT & I hope to see more of these events happening.

All the acts were top notch & a credit to the Asian Music scene on a international level