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Get Funky - Saini Surinder & Gupsy Aujla

Get Funky – Saini Surinder & Gupsy Aujla

The admiral duo are back on fighting form: breaking new bounds in the name of Bhangra Saini Surinder and legendary producer Gupsy Aujla bring you ‘Get Funky’ an innovative house style track unique to any other contemporary Bhangra sound today.



Following the success of hit single ‘Bhangra’ the musical doublet are making waves in the Asian music industry once again. Rising star Saini Surinders’ infectious track ‘Mundra’ has featured in the Official Asian Download Chart for over ten weeks, whilst single ‘Thor’ featured in the charts for six weeks. Both available on iTunes, ‘Bhangra’ has received over eighty-six thousand YouTube hits to date.



Meanwhile UK based producer Gupsy Aujla has been working fiercely behind the scenes, often described by fans one of the industry’s most underrate producers, he has three studio albums under his belt and is a renowned dhol and tabla player. In his own words Aujla describes himself as a talent that has the ability to ‘fuse sounds and cross cultural borders’ and in regards to his latest offering ‘Get Funky’, does exactly what it says on the tin.



‘Get Funky’ will be released via E3UK Records on 15th December 2011 worldwide on iTunes and other leading digital outlets