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Exclusive Interview with Reena Kaur

Amrit catches up with Birmingham’s Reena Kaur who reveals the release of her 3rd single, ‘Made In Punjab’.

Reena Kaur - Made In Punjab out 1 August!

Reena Kaur – Made In Punjab out 1 August!

Reena Kaur, 36-years-old, has been performing as part of a live ladies sangeet group for many years now whilst also releasing tracks ‘Ki Lag Di’ and ‘Karara‘ that follow in her Punjabi folk background. Her unique blend of mixing modern and traditional folk songs has been captivated by audiences, earning her many followers and respect within the industry.

Keeping things simple and traditional, Reena finds the perfect balance between desi folk bhangra and the more digitally adapted bhangra that is heard popularly today.

Made In Punjab‘ will be officially released 1 August 2014, available to download from iTunes.

Here’s Reena’s exclusive interview with Amrit of Punjab2000…

1. How long have you been singing and how long have you done it professionally?

I have been singing from a young age, singing bhajans and then moving on to ladies sangeet for friends and family. I’ve now been singing professionally for three years.

2. Do you play any instruments?

I play the dholki… Desi girl style!

3. Why is folk music important to you?

It is important to me because I like to keep things traditional and simple. I love old traditions. I feel they’re slowing phasing out and everyone is becoming too westernised, which is not a bad thing but not really my style. I love Punjab and I’m getting married to a Punjabi very soon which is mentioned in the video.

4. Tell me more about the video…

The video was a very exciting time. It was shot in a studio and on a farm in the UK. Without the support of everyone taking part it couldn’t of happened so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone once again!

5. Who are you inspirations and why?

Jaspinder Narulla. She’s a very powerful female singer who’s so passionate. I can see a little bit of myself in her, especially with that same passion.

6. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

Well it’s funny you say that because I love Punjabi-Pakistani songs and Roach Killer would be someone I’d love to collaborate with. When he sings in Punjabi his voice reminds me of songs I listen to. 

7. So you’ve had two tracks out previously, tell me more about ‘Ki Lag Di‘ and ‘Karara‘…

Ki Lag Di‘ was a taster for me and it was my first project with MK Records. ‘Karara‘ was a kind of an impromptu song idead that a huge success and I enjoyed every minute of it.

8. Compared to your last tracks, how does ‘Made in Punjab‘ differ? 

Fresh music, fresh vocals as I have improved a lot since my previous tracks. This track is me, who I am and the main thing for me is that I did everything myself from the idea to the funding all from scratch. 

9. In your own words can you describe the new track and what it’s about?

‘Made In Punjab’ is purely a song about being proud Punjabi. You’ll see in the video made by Supafly Media it has that message. 

10. As a UK female folk singer, what would you describe are some of the difficulties in being in this industry?

Being a woman, being accepted and finding the right people to work with is such a struggle in this industry.

11. You also do live performances. Describe the difference between when you perform live and in the studio?

Live performances are in front of a real crowd so there’s no room for mistakes. The studio is very private so you can stop and start but try your best every time!

Quick Fire Questions

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Heels or Flats? Both 

Tea or Coffee? Tea

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner


Sweet or Savoury? Sweet

Scone or ‘Scon’? Scone

Shower or Bath? Both

Mum or Dad? Mum

Have a listen of ‘Made In Punjab’ on Punjab2000’s sound cloud – Video releasing 1 August 2014


Follow Reena on Twitter @Reenakaur5