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Exclusive Interview with Punjabi Singer Dev Dhillon.

Dev Dhillon, the multi-talented Punjabi singer/songwriter, is set out to be one of this years top artists, with upcoming tracks with Dj Dips and his first ever duet with Jasbir Jassi.

 We can’t wait to see what this artist has in store for his fans so I caught up with him to learn  about his about his musical journey and plans for the future.



Hi Dev Dhillon parji, thank you for making time for us within your busy schedule!

We are predicting that 2015 is going to be a big year for you and before talking about your new tracks, can I start by asking about your musical background ?


Kidha Nash Saab, its been a while since we last sat down and talked. As you know I was born in the Punjab, on 25th April 1982 to be precise,I am the youngest of three children and have two older sisters and began to sing at a very age. I think I was 4 or 5 years old when I started singing Dharmik & Shabads at my local Gurdwara .

I had vocal training from Balwant Boparai as  my parents encouraged me to pursue my singing and at college  joined a Bhangra group and sang  Dulla Bhatti, which is a Punjabi Folk Song, for which I received a gold medal. I continued along the musical path completing my B.A. in Music at Rajinder College and subsequently did a Masters in Music at Chandigarh university.


So when did you come to the UK and how did you find the Music industry here?

  I came to the UK In 2004, and straight away I joined the  UK’s  elite Bhangra Dance group called Gabru Punjab De. They would do their Bhangra routines to my live folk boliyan, and it was through this Bhangra group that I got introduced to Aman Hayer, who is a music producer and singer, and I began to work with him. This gave me my breakthrough, with the  smash hits ‘Munde’ and ‘Bhangra De Vich’, which were produced by Aman Hayer, on the compilation album called ‘Getting Serious’.  I received a huge response from the public, which inspired me for my next track called ‘Pyar’. This is one of my favourite tracks, as it’s a love ballad and gave me the opportunity to showcase my flexible vocal ability.


Dev Dhillon -Pyar video


I continued to work alongside Aman Hayer in 2008, on his album Groundshaker 2, and had another hit called Chak Dow Ge. Then in 2010, ‘Munde Teri Hath’ was a big hit and I was also featured on the single released as a tribute to Dj Unkz, who was an upcoming Dj for Kudos who sadly passed away.My first solo album called Mulakaat, which has eight tracks, was released Nov 2012, produced again by the ‘Music Machine’ Aman Hayer.


Dev Dhillon    Mulakaat Video



Do you have any other hobbies and whats your favourite food, as I have always been interested to find out?

I enjoy listening to different types of music, having always listened to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Gurdas Maan while growing up, and also some new singers. However I don’t really get much time for hobbies as I also have to travel to India for many weeks in the year to perform, as live singing is still very popular at Weddings and Functions back home. My favourite food is Traditional Punjabi Foods, like  Saag and Makki De Roti and also sholay pathoray.

Dev Parji, what can your fans expect from you in the near future ? 

I have three tracks completed and ready for release! The first is my first ever duet, with Jasvir Jassi, who was the female vocalist on the Banger track ‘Patandra’. I will be shooting a video to this track shortly. The second track is called ‘ Yaarian’ and the third track is with Dj Dips called ‘ Nachna Sarian’. I have also been busy writing many more songs which I am hoping to work on after these tracks have been released.

Dev Dhillon   Ankhi video






      Dev Parji, I wish you all the best for your future tracks and  thank you for allowing #Punjab2000  into your private home and we will be keeping your fans updated throughout the year with your new releases and videos.