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Exclusive Interview with Major Maan on The release of his debut album ‘Desi Roots’

‘Desi Roots’ is the brand new debut album by Major Maan – just been released worldwide a few days ago via Kamlee Records. Major Maan began his life in the music industry as a lyricist. With numerous songs under his belt, this Punjabi poet has written a number of songs and words for some huge hits including DJ Sanj (Chugliyan) and Miss Pooja (Lak De Hullare). Although he has been singing since the age of 16, it was not until very recently that he bowed under the pressure of family and friends and grabbed the microphone to record professionally.


major maan

Major was raised on a varied musical diet. His influences stretch across a number of genres from folk to dance and some of his biggest influences have been Babbu Maan, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Master Saleem.The multi-talented Major spends much of his time listening to and learning from different styles of music. With talent as a professional Harmonium player, he attempts to use his instruments to delicately fuse together these new sounds with more traditional beats.

His debut Album ‘Desi Roots’ has been an ongoing project for last 13 months . The songs have been inspired by some great times with family and friends, and life experiences that Major has put into words to form emotional lyrics on the album.The album has been produced by huge talent such as GV, Jag Bancil, Bee2 and Surinder Khan. Working with amazing producers has lifted the songs featured on the album and together has created an outstanding product.

The lead single ‘Major Boliyan’ has been produced by GV and is  supported by a video shot by Ballistic!


The new album ‘Desi Roots’ has 8 tracks featuring a variety of music producers.

1. Major Boliyan  ft GV

2. Gal Ban Jau ft Jag Bancil

3. Hasdi ft Bee2

4. Jaan Toh Pyari ft GV

5. Shakini ft GV

6. Shakla ft Jag Bancil

7. Hulare ft Surinder Khan

8. Karcha ft Jag Bancil

Exclusive interview with Major Maan 

Major Maan

On the launch weekend of his first album ‘Desi Roots’, I caught up with Major Maan to chat about his Musical Journey,talk about his Album and find out what else this talented young man has planned for his fans.

Major Maan, lets rewind to the beginning ,tell me about yourself and your background in the music industry?

Nash Parji ,thanks for taking the time to come and meet me! I am Indian, born in a small village called Maaherdo near Nakodar in the Punjab.Ever since a young age I have had a passion and flare for writing songs. It is something that comes  naturally to me and I have written songs for the likes of Miss Pooja, H Dhami, Dj Sanj. I have always tried to write songs that have meaning and have been inspired by the great Babbu Maan as his songs have deep meanings.I find it very easy to write about different subjects including my life experiences.

How did you go from been a great lyricist to becoming a singer and recording your first  album?

I took the leap into singing a few years ago, it was a natural progression for me to sing the songs that I had already written,and with the help and support of some big names in the music industry. we have been launched my debut album ‘Desi Roots’ which we had worked on for over a year. I have always had a surplus of songs so it was easy to choose the material for this album.

This album consists of  8 tracks and we released the first track ‘Major Boliyan’  ft  GV  from the album this week.Nash,can you believe I wrote that track in a few hours while on the phone to GV. The second track for which the video is ready will also be released soon. There is one slow track on the album, one Duet with Paramjit Kaur, there has been great input and co-operation from top music producers GV, Jag Bancil, Bee 2, Surinder Khan who have all made this album come together as the finished product ‘Desi Roots’ and they have been a  pleasure to work with.

I also have a passion for playing the Harmonium which I am continuing to practice and learn, you will hear this and a variety of  other musical instruments in this album.

with harmonium

With harmonium

I have listened to your album ‘Desi Roots’ last night and have to say that it took me back to the Eighties when live Bhangra bands we at their peak and producing many good albums,do you think you have accomplished what you set out to do with this album?

Glad you enjoyed the album Nash,The album which was only released a few days ago has already had  a great response from fans and is doing well in the charts,it was hard work but the team involved have made this possible.I enjoy singing live and we are putting together a live band who will be rocking the stages across the country soon with me.I will be preforming live at Bhangra Shows,Mela’s and also at Weddings in the near future and want to revive the live music scene as I enjoy singing backed by a full live music band.


jag Bancil

Major Maan with Jag Bancil

Jag Bancil who has produced some of the tracks on the album agrees that it has been a challenge but they are happy with the final product,and is already working with Major Maan on his next Bhangra track.I wish your all the best for this album and future work,is there any messages you want Punjab2000 to convey to your fans?

  I would like to thank my fans for the support they have shown for my album,if you like my music please download legally as this helps the industry to grow and trust me there is a lot more to come from me.I will keep Punjab2000 updated on my new projects and you can also follow me on most Social Media platforms  and for booking go to my website.

Personally this is one of the best Bhangra Albums I have heard in a long time and Major Maan has propelled himself as a top singer who is going to be in big demand on the live Bhangra music scene.The variety of  music producers he has chosen for this album will appeal to a wide range of audiences and gives the listeners varied music styles to enjoy throughout this comprehensive album.Its good to see so many producers working together to bring us this much needed type of album and also give direction and lead the way forward in the British Bhangra Market which has recently lacking good quality music albums.