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Exclusive interview with Desi Bhangra Star Sakina

Sakina won the title of best female singer at the 2015 Pakistani Music And Media awards recently,I spoke with her to find out more about this rising star of Bhangra.


Sakina who describes herself as, the UK first female Pakistani Desi Punjabi singer, was awarded the title of best female singer at the first ever Pakistani Music and Media awards which were held in Birmingham earlier this month. This young and energetic singer is certainty making a name for herself in Bhangra scene and has already played at shows and mela’s across the country. She has released two hit singles already and is working on releasing a lot more . 


When did you first start singing and were your parents and family supportive?

I started singing from a very young age, none of my family are into music. It is only me that has this craze for it. My parents have always said to me as long as that makes you happy we are okay with it.

How difficult a struggle was it initially?

It was extremely difficult to get myself out there, took me more then 3 years. I was constantly travelling up north trying to get hold of producers, having meetings and recordings, but in the end there was no turn out until the Tigerstyle boys saw something in me and took me serious, although I  have known the boys for years. I had my first studio session with them way back in 2010 at that time I was to busy with college. We got back in the studio in 2013 and started recording my first track ‘Shartaan’.


Which artists do you listen to and which market would you say is your music aimed at?

 I like to listen to “Sudesh Kumari Ji”  I am like obsessed with her voice and music, love her voice more than anything, always get goosebumps when I hear her voice. My lyrics and my style of singing is very hardcore Desi so I would say its for the Desi lovers out there. I do not and would never mix English in my songs that’s for sure. I don’t really listen to much UK Bhangra music unless its Tigerstyle or a few other artists.

Which single have you had the best response from your fans?

 My greatest hit to be honest has been ‘Shartaan’ I had a massive response from my fans for my debut single.The track “Neele Neele Nain” I received a massive response from my fans and some of my fans know me  as the ‘Neele Neele Nain’ girl. Recently as you know I won Best Female Singer at  the Pakistani Music and  Media Award. I can finally say all my hard work and the struggles I have been through are beginning to  pay off  but that just means I am going to work even more harder. Winning best female singer 2015 has made me more determined and focussed about my future music career.



Have you worked with different song writers and music producers?

Yes I have worked with Dj Surinder Rattan for my third single ‘London Di Rani’ which be released at the end of next month and the track is written and composed by myself. Also I have finished recording my first official Bhangra track which has been produced by Jeeti. The track is written by a very talented writer from Punjab called Romi Bains who has worked with some amazing artists from Punjab such as Ranjit Rana, Nirmal Sidhu, Neelam, and many more. I also wrote the first verse for that track

Any new albums/singles in the pipeline and who would you like to collaborate with or do a duet with?

Yes I have 3 brand new singles on the way, the first one is releasing at the end of next month then more to follow after that. At the moment I am only focusing on my singles. I would love to work with JSL Singh, his music is really rocking the music scene at the moment. Duet would of course be with Sudesh Kumari Ji, even if I get a chance to spend a day with her in the studio would be so amazing.

What do think your songs/music offer that is not already available in the Bhangra market?

The lyrics and the Tigerstyle productions speak for themselves, there is nothing like this combination available in the market at the moment and trust me the new songs are going to take the market by storm. 


sakina 2

sakina 2

How important are music videos in the promotion of your songs?

Its very very important, well nowadays we live in a generation where the fans want to see the singers all the time as its age of social media. The videos are a good chance for me to showcase my looks and dancing.

When not singing what other hobbies and activities do you have?

I think everyone that knows me knows this one. I love shopping, well way too much as it’s like a normal thing for me as I do it almost every other day. Apart from that just the same old really, things like hanging out with friends and occasionally having my lazy days chillaxing, these are the best.

Any tours or shows planned?

Well in the UK I have been performing non stop again this year just the same as last year, lets see what the future brings. So watch this space, I will update you guys here very soon.

Any message for your fans?

Would like to say a big big thanks to each and everyone of you for always showing me the love and support. I really appreciate it so much and thank you for making my dreams come true to each and everyone of you who voted for me to win best female singer at the Pakistani Music and Media Awards. Please keep supporting me and I promise I will release loads of new music and they can follow me on Twitter @sakinamusic, Instagram @sakinamusic and Facebook: Sakina. I will also keep Punjab2000 updated as I release new songs and videos

What do you think of the journey so far?

I think I have done amazingly well performing  across the  UK non stop for the past 2 years and winning the title of Best Female Singer in my second year which is a huge achievement for any new artist. I have done very well for myself, for an independent artist it has not been easy and I still have a very long way to go but I would say I have made my mark and name in the scene. As I release more music things should get better. To all my fans all I’m saying, wait for London Di Rani to release then after that I’m only gonna surprise you guys with more and more great music.

One question I always finish with is what’s your favourite food?

Indian food all the way nothing beats Indian food

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