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Exclusive interview with ‘California King’ Bhinda Jatt

The California King,Bhinda Jatt,was raised and still resides in California,USA.He has become one of the most powerful names in the Punjabi music world.His latest single ‘Kala Chaadra’ is flying high in the charts currently at number ten.So lets get find out more about this rising star of Bhangra music.

bhinda jatt


When did you start your music career?

I have been singing since a young age and started my musical career back in the 90’s with a lot of support and help from my brother Kesar Kc 

How difficult a struggle was it initially?

Initially it was really slow but it gained momentum and eventually took off.This led to me performing worldwide and gaining International recognition.

 Can you play any musical instruments?

Yes I Can play a little bit of the Harmonium,Tumbi and Dholak

Have you had any vocal training?

Yes, I have learned from my big brother Kesar K.C

Which artists do you like to  listen to?

Surinder Shinda,Kuldip Manak,Bindrakhia and also Chamkila

Which market would you say is your music aimed at?

Folk Punjabi which is very popular in the UK,USA and liked all over of the world

What has been your greatest hit to date?

Punjabi Boys and now Kala Chaadra

Bhinda jatt

Who would you like to collaborate with or do a duet with?

No plans yet

What do think your songs/music offer that is not already available in the Bhangra market?

My songs offer a variety in music and its traditional folk Desi,this style of music will never die out and has a global following.

How important are music videos in the promotion of your songs?

It’s very important that you make a good video and a good concept and has to be in high definition.

 When not singing what other hobbies and activities do you pursue?

Playing basketball and American football

Any tours planned?

Yes I will be touring soon and will also be coming to the U.K

 Where would you say you are in your musical career?

This is just a starting for me and I am coming out with more new tracks with well-known producers from UK!!

One question we always finish with is what’s your favourite food?

Pizza &  barbecue chicken

kala chaarda

kala chaarda