Ep-12 The Dance Project – Neha Marda | Sonali B | Faisal & Vaishnavi | Bolna | Sawarne Lage

In a perfect climax to the first season of #thedanceproject, Neha Marda, Sonali Bhadauria and Faisal-Vaishnavi take us on an exhilarating ride!

The Season Finale kicks off with Neha Marda’s hip-hop act on “DJ Waley Babu”, which has all the swag and style. It is followed by Faisal-Vaishnavi’s passion-filled lyrical contemporary act on “Bolna” and Sonali Bhadauria’s classy Jazz-funk act on “Sawarne Lage”. The episode ends on a high with a smashing combo act on “Gerua” by Faisal-Vaishnavi and Sonali Bhadauria.

Keep grooving till we bring the next season of #thedanceproject to you!

Conceptualized by – Sony Music India & XXL StudioWorks Pvt. Ltd.

Production House – XXL StudioWorks Pvt. Ltd.

Team XXL StudioWorks Pvt. Ltd. –

Producer – Jason Glen Kotian
Director – Anurag D.
Creative Team – Saad Shaikh, Manali Gharat
Operations – Ajay Mange
Creative Designer – Himanshu Wadia
Choreographers – Vivek & Rishi
Music Recreated By – Nilesh P.
Set Design By – Vertex

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