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English Daru Joins Hands with Famous Bhangra Group “RDB” Launching A Powerful, Fun Filled Track

English Daru Joins Hands with Famous Bhangra Group “RDB” Launching A Powerful, Fun Filled Track

The famous father-son duo, ‘Binder and Jind’, joins hands to create a storm with its much awaited single “English Daru”, taken from their forthcoming album “Like Father Like Son.”
The album features a unique blend of soulful R ‘n’ B with a mix of traditional Punjabi Bhangra beats. The upbeat single has been widely appreciated by party and club goers with its simple motto – drink, dance and enjoy life to the fullest. 
Says Binder, “After many years of working with some amazing producers, I feel excited to have my comeback single launched with in-house lyrics, music and vocals. I thoroughly enjoyed the making of the video and thank the loyal listeners for their great support and patience shown after three years of hard work making this album. “Talents of two different generations are embedded in the album, to create an educative and inspiring message amongst others’. “Desi ness” is not something that is acquired but, comes from within, “You don’t have to drink Desi to be Desi”. 
Says Jind, “Throughout years of learning the theory of music, I feel blessed to be signed by Three Records and given the opportunity to show my musical capabilities alongside my father. I’ve had an amazing experience working on our first official release, and I am excited to see the response of this much anticipated track.” “Like father Like Son” is released by Three Records, with music created by RDB.
The highlight is the fact that both individually recognised profiles of father and son have come together in this fun filled record to create a symbolic touch of experience by two different generations.