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Chamkila and Amarjot – the legendary (and to some degree, controversial) musical duo are regarded, respected & remembered by fans of Panjabi Folk music across the world owing to their tongue in cheek commentary on social issues within the Panjab. The ferociously raw vocals of Chamkila were perfectly complimented by the sharp vocal ability of Amarjot and the two artists together achieved legendary status within a short span of time only for their lives to tragically be cut short at the height of their success. Even though they are physically no longer around – their music lives on; continuing to be listened to, enjoyed and used as inspiration by innumerable artists all over the world.


This is precisely the reason why ‘ELEGANCE’ (Jay Johal & DJ Anil) decided to create a special tribute track in memory of the oft remembered Panjabi Folk duo. Harnessing the vocal talents of Bakshi Billa & Sudesh Kumari; ‘ELEGANCE’ took on the challenge of remaking one of ‘Chamkila and Amarjots’ timeless tracks ‘Viah Karvaa Keh Veh’ to allow the younger audience appreciate the lyrical skills of Chamkila. The track is soulful, melodic and makes for easy listening with soothing instrumentation and clean piece work allowing the listener to absorb the lyrical content of Chamkila’s pen over a bed of accompanying music. It is impossible to produce music even slightly close to the quality of the classic and evergreen Panjabi Folk music released in the 70’s, 80’s and very early 90’s. ELEGANCE instead took to producing an altogether alternative version of this track to present the song in a new way.

ELEGANCE (Jay Johal & DJ Anil) is a new brand with a vision to provide an all round exclusive entertainment service with professionally produced studio tracks, electrifying DJ audio/visual shows and live performances from some of the biggest and best artists the Panjabi music industry has to offer. ELEGANCE are available to book now with only a select number of free dates for 2016 so enquire as soon as possible to add the extra special touch to your wedding, birthday, corporate event and other special event!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of ELEGANCE with the Chamkila Tribute. Jay Johal and DJ Anil made this track as they respect, admire and are inspired by the greats of the Panjabi music industry and acknowledge that without them; there would be no industry. You can expect ELEGANCE to continue to offer high quality vocalists, unique and varied music and an ultimate entertainment package. This will not be the last tribute track as ELEGANCE will be presenting a number of such tracks paying homage to the greatest singers the Panjabi music industry has seen. Keep your eye and ears peeled – the journey has just begun.

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Watch the the full music video of Chamkila Tribute below: