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Easy Jat

Mid/Late 80’s 
EasyJat better known as Nick began DJ’ing at school arranging and performing at the school disco’s and also setting up and performing in his very own school bhangra band, comically known as ‘The New Singh’s On the Block’.

Midland Boyz Roadshow (MBZ) was born as our father’s band (Navpreet Group UK – ft. Meshi (of Eshara/XLNC) folded. We had a garage full of P.A. equipment, which we soon put to use through buying our first set of Turntables (It was all Vinyl back then).
 Early 90's
MBZ grew in strength and popularity as we were one of the first Asian roadshows to emanate from the Midlands region. We were offering alternative entertainment for mainly pre-wedding, anniversary, and birthday parties. We also conquered the daytime and evening gig scene, where at the time we regularly rubbed shoulders with the then unknown stars of today such as Jassi Sidhu (who we affectionately knew as ‘Anakhi Singh’ – due to his insistence on singing along to the Famous Anakhi ‘Scream’ Boliyan).
 At this time, Nick also moved into the band arena securing his first regular drumming job with a top band of their time called ‘Roshney’ (Headed by two very talented brothers Sukhbir Ral (A.K.A. Bugga) and Parshotam Ral (A.K.A. Passo). A lot was learned from these guys and Nick still has a lot of respect and admiration for them both. Spent approx 2yrs with Roshney before being introduced to the ‘Pardesi Music Machine’ (PMM).
Joined PMM in early 1993, through an audition. Someone, somewhere thought he had some talent that could be moulded to join another top calibre band. The music these guys were pushing was of a completely different style and again, a lot was learned from his time with them, which was approx 1 1/2 years.
At the same time, MBZ released an album (Midland BoyzIIMen – Howz You Like It, ft. Dippa Satrang, Boota Pardesi and Balwinder Safri) through PMM’s very own ‘Rabbit hutch Studios’. Nick was involved in the entire project and again this was great experience and enabled him to grow musically both as a musician and a DJ.
Following the success of MBZ’s album, Nick was invited to join Satrang as a drummer. Dippa’s style was that of a more desi nature, however the band consisted of non-asian members (Byron Sax, Kelly – Guitar, Angus – Bass (who also found solo success with the B15 Project, Girl’s Like us) – who gave Satrang a distinctive raw sound, which can only be compared to that of UB40.
Mid 90's 
Following the steep learning curves of drumming for both PMM and Satrang, Nick was then spotted by ABM (Ambi Bilga Management), who was at the time recruiting a drummer for none other than the Crowned Prince of Bhangra himself, ‘Jazzy B’. Following the success of ‘Ghugian Da Jorra’ and ‘Londano Patola’, Jazzy found his UK market exploded and demand for live performance here was very high. Nick was honoured to be working alongside the fastest growing Punjabi singer of the time, and was also learning a great deal from who he still refers to as ‘Ustad Sukshinder Shinda Paji’.
 2 years was spent touring up and down the UK and abroad with ‘Jazzy B and the Boyz’, which then lead to the late nineties where Jazzy moved to other markets, namely India to make his presence known there. He has achieved this and much more, ‘Enough said, I guess is the term, keep up the good work Jazzy!!!’
Late 90's
Nick then, moved back to assisting MBZ, with their hectic roadshow schedule. The DJ market had now changed from the early nineties. There was a lot more competition, DJ’s were now first choice for weddings, as there was more versatility, to play a larger catalogue of songs, and then Suddenly …………… Achanak (Ninder Johal) came knocking.
 Nick was then invited to drum for Achanak, again a massive band of the early nineties. The set however was different in that Achanak had now entered the World Music arena and the majority of audiences being entertained were non-asian, which was great to see.
 4 years were spent on the road with Achanak, throughout the UK and Europe. Alongside Vijay/Ninder, the band consisted of extremely talented musicians/producers, namely Kam (Frantic Fame) – Bass Guitar, Nick Chowlia – Keyboards (Producer/DJ), K’ Tura (one half of S2K, and Sukchand – Keyboards (Kiss Records), who incidentally in Nick’s opinion was one of the first to spot the talented and then lesser known Lembhar Hussainpuri (Album name, song etc…..).
2000 – Present
After parting company with Achanak to move down South, the idea behind UB1 and easyJat was conceived.
 Realising there was a gap in the musical market in the South, namely, the fact that the majority of roadshows down south placed a lot or too much emphasis on fancy set-ups as opposed to delivering true musical performance and originality, Nick decided to reinvent himself as easyJat to offer the famous Midlands style of DJ'ing to the ever appreciative Southern crowds.
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