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[E3NA Records] Nain – Joti Dhillon Ft. Dj KSR – OUT NOW 12.12.12

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E3NA are proud to present the debut single ‘Nain’ by Joti Dhillon, a young new vocalist hailing from Ontario, Canada. ‘Nain’ will be releasing December 12th via iTunes!
Born & Raised in Canada, Joti Dhillon began his path to singing at the tender age of 5. Having garnered an interest in music, Joti quickly began showcasing his talent, leading him to perform at a number of shows and Bhangra competitions.

A sign of his talent was recognised at the age of 9, when Joti Dhillon released his debut album alongside two of the most prolific names in the Panjabi music industry. With production by Atul Sharma & Shamsher Sandhu as Executive producer, the album was backed by both talent & a wealth of experience.

Joti Dhillon has always been surrounded by the elite of Panjabi folk performers, growing up he had the chance to perform alongside established greats such as; Sardool Sikander, Manmohan Waris & the late Surjit Bindrakhia.

2012 has seen Joti Dhillon team up with Toronto based mix-master, the world renowned DJ KSR, for his brand new single ‘Nain’.

DJ KSR, fresh from producing ‘New Punjab’ feat Deep Jandu, will once again work his undeniable magic on ‘Nain’ this December via E3NA Records

Joti Dhillon feat DJ KSR — Nain — 12th December 2012