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Dr Diwan Rahul Nanda, Global Chairman of TOPSGRUP Securities, Joins The Sunday Times Rich List 2012

Dr Diwan Rahul Nanda, Global Chairman of TOPSGRUP Security, Joins The Sunday Times Rich List 2012

Dr Diwan Rahul (Richie) Nanda, Global Chairman of TOPS SECURITY LIMITED, India’s most preferred security solutions brand and the first Indian MNC to acquire Great Britain’s leading security company ‘The Shield Guarding Company Limited’, has proven his mettle by rightfully joining the world renowned Sunday Times Rich List 2012 with an estimated fortune of £168 million. 

Richie Nanda is an exciting new entrant in the Sunday Times Rich List, a prestigious collection of the 1,000 wealthiest people in the United Kingdom, who together account for a staggering and record setting cumulative wealth of more than £414 billion. He joins the ranks of the super-rich steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, industrialist Alisher Usmanov and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abromavich as one of the wealthiest UK citizens born overseas but who predominantly work and/or live in Britain.   

Richie Nanda, has contributed to the success of the British economy with his acquisition of Great Britain’s leading security company ‘The Shield Guarding Company Limited ’, and with this has secured the prominent distinction of being a leader in the global security sector, ensuring the likes of big sporting events and the Capital’s businesses and premier venues are protected.  The positive fortunes of the UK’s richest men and women flies in the face of the global recession and the recent downturn of the British economy with a hope that these dynamic entrepreneurs will fuel an upsurge in the economy with their considerable wealth generation. 

In particular, the inclusion of Richie Nanda and other prominent Asians in the Rich List has further enhanced the successful synergy between the Asian Sub-continent and the UK. Britain is now benefitted by the considerable talents of a super-breed of Asian entrepreneurs, who all make a positive impact on the UK economy, contributing over £32bn, through a mixture of business interests, from security to steel, pharmaceuticals, property, finance and social care. 

Speaking about his new entrant status in The Sunday Times Rich List, Richie Nanda said: “I am sincerely humbled to be included in the list and to contribute to the £414bn combined wealth of the 1000 richest men and women in Britain. I owe this recognition to the 93,000 employees, 8,000 customers, my family and friends for believing in my vision to make TOPSGRUP one of the largest and most reputed security companies in the world. The defining moment for this entry was when TOPSGRUP became the first Indian MNC to acquire a UK security company, The Shield Guarding Company, again demonstrating the strong and unique bond shared between India and the United Kingdom across all levels, business or cultural. Entrepreneurship is the bedrock of British society and we are truly a nation of entrepreneurs. I am a great believer that it is the tool for social change on a global level and a key driver in overcoming financial barriers and economic circumstances. Being entrepreneurial isn’t just about making the right business decisions but also about taking the right risks and adopting a fresh approach to business life that pushes you to embark on a new challenge and creative path.   Many people had written off TOPSGRUP and told me not to embark on a career in the security business. I took a risk with the company, and with the faith and support of my colleagues and employees, we have succeeded in making TOPSGRUP not only a profitable company but also one with international acclaim.” 


Dr Diwan Rahul Nanda, Global Chairman of TOPSGRUP Securities, Joins The Sunday Times Rich List 2012

Richie Nanda is widely acknowledged as the pioneer and the most prominent spokesperson of the burgeoning security industry in India. He was recognised as an Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year after he took over the reins of TOPSGRUP at the age of 22 when it was an ailing company with revenues of just £30,000 pa and eight customers, and built it into India’s largest security group with revenues in excess of £150 million, 93,000 employees, 120 offices and approximately 8,000 customers.

The multi award-winning TOPSGRUP has also embarked on a global leadership mission with a vision to become the number one brand in the global security space and a US$ 10 billion security group by 2020.  Since its inception in 1989, The Sunday Times Rich List is the definitive annual guide to showcasing Britain’s richest men and women across a broad spectrum of sectors.