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DR. CABBIE Film Review

Dr. Cabbie is a Canadian romantic comedy co produced by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and directed by Jean-Francois Pouliot.


DR CABBIE Film Review

Deepak (co writer Vinay Virmani seen in Speedy Singhs) is a newly qualified Doctor from Delhi who emigrates with his widowed mother Nellie (Lillete Dubey – Monsoon Wedding, Kal Ho Na Ho) to Toronto, to start a new life with the hope of healing and helping the local citizens. After numerous interviews and Canadian bureaucracy Deepak fails to find a job as a Doctor. His uncle Vijay asks him to work in his restaurant Korma Sutra until he can find a job in his field. After a disastrous day at work Deepak’s uncle fires him so he decides to take up the offer from his new friend, crude Indian cab driver Tony (Kunal Nayyar from The Big Bang Theory) to work with him.

During one of Deepak’s journeys he helps deliver a woman’s baby in the back of the cab (Natalie played by Adrianne Palicki). The recording of the event goes viral and Deepak becomes an internet sensation. This is when he starts to use the cab as a mobile surgery and Dr. Cabbie is created, bringing with it temporary smiles and solutions until things go wrong.


My favourite character in the movie is Uncle Vijay’s ditzy, new age, blonde Canadian wife Rani, played by Mircea Monroe, who is both endearing and funny. Rizwan Manji is entertaining to watch as uncle Vijay. Kunal Nayyar plays the part of fun but crass cabbie Tony well. Isabelle Kaif plays his carefree girlfriend Simone. Although very pretty and dances well, just doesn’t have the star quality of her sister, Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. Time will tell if that will change. Lillete Dubey as Deepak’s mum is always great to watch on screen but almost every line her character says has a double meaning.

The talented and lovely Lilly Singh aka YouTube comedy star IISuperwomanII is wasted in Dr. Cabbie and is hardly seen on screen.


Kunal Nayyar, Isabelle Kaif, Salman Khan & Vinny Virmani

Dr. Cabbie has moments of humour but many though are obvious and predictable. It is crude in places but I did laugh out loud at some of the slapstick scenes. It tries to blend both east and west cultures, comedy and drama, with the importance of the valuable immigrant worker but it doesn’t quite work for me. It’s not just because of the stereotypical characters and conversations but also because there are missing links to certain scenes. I enjoyed the upbeat song Daal Makhani from the soundtrack by former RDB’s Manj and his wife Nindy Kaur.


Dr. Cabbie will entertain you but it won’t inspire. If you need escapism, a few giggles with some Bollywood style song and dance added to the mix then go and see this film, just don’t expect any more from it.

Dr. Cabbie is out now in Cinemas Worldwide.