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Download-Ayia Napa Send off Party

Download-Ayia Napa Send off Party Gig Review


Well the P2k team went down to this.
Not to sure where to start on this because Niche / Bassline is not our forte, so if anyone else went to it last night please feel free to post.

But the gig was Solid from start to finish & our eardrums are still banging.

From the sounds of the DJ 's Dub Melita (probaly spell it wrong) To Shaun "Banger" Scott ) our personal favorite of the night :D), DJ Q, WIDEBOYS, CAMEO Nev Wright, Jamie Duggan & Traique's very own Oz.

From the live pa's by:

GROOVE ARMADA , H20, LISA MAFFIA, N DUBS, T Dot, Celisha & God only know's who else, that's how may PA's & DJ's were their on the night.

Put it this way it was VALUE for money.

That was just in Room 1

Room 2 had the 2 Funky crew Playing everything from Funky House to Soulful Garage.

Apart from our eardrums getting blown away :'(, we got to say it was a top night.

No trouble and everyone that attended was there for the music.

Just got to mention that Shaun "Banger" Scott, Nev Wright & Jamie Duggan were only 2 happy to run to the front of the stage during their sets & pose for a picture with the crowd & then run back to the decks to mix the next tune in. In the words of Mary J Blige it seemed like more of a "Family Affair"

Well done to all the promoters involved in putting on a heavy night! ;D

Looking forwad to the next Niche / Bassline night ::)

Check Out The Pictures Here
Download-Ayia Napa Send off Party