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The crowd going hyper on the dance floor is an amazing sight, and Dj H never fails to give a performance that is any less than pure brilliant.


Dj H, born as Hardeep Kataria in 1982, is the real deal, and has built up an extremely reputable name for himself in the music industry. He is currently signed up to one of the biggest record labels in the U.K, “UntouchablesUk”.

H is intimately familiar with various types of music, and plays an essential blend of neat urban flavas on the rocks with a slice of desi. His highly developed and unique style of dj skills has enabled him to grow from strength to strength in this tough and competitive industry. H, being an intelligent and deliberate man, has worked incredibly hard to have acquired the title “Dj H- the U.K’s Finest”, and he has exactly what it takes to ride down the road to riches.


H had always had a passion for music, but his very first insight into djing was at the mere age of 14, where he was just a ‘typical roadie’, and helped out other dj’s by carrying their equipment. But his love for music and desire for ambition drove him to want the bigger things in life.

At the age of 16, he was promised a set of decks by his father, and all the bedroom mixing that took place was where he began to learn his trade. At 17, H was asked by his uncle as a favour to dj at Equinox Nightclub, London. H’s new face and unique mixing style won great appeal by the crowd and the promoters. However, there were bigger things awaiting him. His raw talent was recognised by key players in the music industry. That was the unforgettable night where Hardeep Kataria had made the transition in to “Dj H”. He then made a life changing decision to pursue his bedroom hobby as a serious career, and almost instantly his success story began.


In 2002, H was signed up to the record label “UntouchablesUk”, where he ventured past the usual djing, and did production work on releases such as Urban Flavas, Danger 2, Heavy, Urban Flavas 2, and Danger 3.

His track “Yaar Dha” from Danger 2 which was co-produced with Punjabi Outlawz was picked up by “Outcaste” record label, and was released mainstream on a compilation album “Essential Asian Flavas”.


H’s drive for ambition did not stop him here.

He had built himself up to such a high calibre, which has provided him with the opportunity to perform alongside various artists in the mainstream music circuit such as Truth Hurts, Ms Dynamite,

Ms Scandalous, Fat Joe, Terror Squad, Tim Westwood, Misteeq, Harvey, Romeo, Rishi Rich, Jay Sean, Juggy D, Raghav….and on the Asian music circuit he has performed with the likes of Jazzy B, Malkit Singh, Dj Aqueel, Punjabi Hit Squad, DCS, and a whole host of others.


H likes to mix his tracks at the top venues in the U.K, however, his fame is rapidly increasing and he is now becoming an international icon aswell. His unique mixing style has seen him play abroad at clubs in Cancun-Mexico, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Pakistan, Dubai, Turkey, and Torremelinos-Spain.


As his remarkable talent gets noticed, H has received an enormous amount of much deserved media coverage and support by the likes of BBC Asian Network, Club Asia, B4U Television, Snoop Magazine, Eastern Eye, and The Times-India.

In 2004, his dj skills were further appreciated when H was asked to dj on the BBC Asian Network Hotmix Show. His set received unbelievable praise, and then went on to be voted the “Best Hotmix of The Year”. (Go to Downloads)


Even on the weekends, there is no stopping him, as he can be seen in action working for ‘Calibar Roadshow’, the most sought after discotheque company in the U.K, and worldwide. This in itself is a major achievement, as Calibar are not known for taking on new faces. However, they just could not resist the temptation of what a great asset H could be to their company. After working with them for only 2 years since 2003, he has already set his mark as one of the top dj’s in the Calibar team. H, being a clever businessman also, has taken ‘Calibar Roadshow’ to new heights by expanding the company portfolio with the new ‘Calibar Events’, which professionally manages all events for clientele.


The much growing demand for “Dj H” triggered him to start working on his debut album as well as more production work on forthcoming releases. So watch this space!!


The product of his unrelenting drive, talent and frankly his realness, has enabled H to reach this far and become renowned as “Dj H- the U.K’s Finest”. But his journey is not yet over, and his purpose has not been fulfilled.


With his infectious flow, the ‘Dj H Phenomena’ is unstoppable and one day he will undoubtedly be referred to as, “Dj H- The World’s Finest”.