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Director Imtiaz Ali on working with Shah Rukh Khan for the first time with Jab Harry Met Sejal

Imtiaz Ali: “Hope I’m able to justify SRK’s talent in Jab Harry Met Sejal”

Director Imtiaz Ali on working with Shah Rukh Khan for the first time with Jab Harry Met Sejal


Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, who’s directed films such as Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal, will see his upcoming film Jab Harry Met Sejal featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma. This will be the first film he has made with SRK, and Ali has only good things to say about the superstar.

Ali says: “He is the most gracious, funny, passionate person, filmmaker friend that one can hope for. It’s his kindness that the film has turned out so well. I’m happy that I got a chance to work with The Shah Rukh Khan. I hope I’ve been able to justify the huge talent and resource that the man is.

Recently, Khan compared Ali to Yash Chopra, saying that his flair for writing love stories reminds him of the late filmmaker.

In response to this, Ali says: “To be compared to Mr. Yash Chopra is both, a matter of unbelievable pride and a little embarrassment and humiliation because in my own eyes I stand nowhere close to him. I would never say that I have any quality, which resembles him because for me, he is just a huge legend. Just my name taken in the same sentence as Yash Chopra will make my family very proud.”

Jab Harry Met Sejal is set to hit the cinemas on 4th August 2017.


Watch the colourful Butterfly song video here:


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Genre: Romance

Language: Hindi with English subtitles

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma

Directed by: Imtiaz Ali

Produced by: Red Chillies Entertainment

Music: Pritam


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