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Deeper Era Records

Deeper Era Records – GS Chagger Press Release

Deeper Era Records/Desi Soundz is proud to present the debut album by GSChaggar. The debut album has come after many years of GSChaggar learning and adapting from making a transition from being a Dj to a Producer.

GSChaggar’s album features mind blowing tracks from the man who brought you “Hor Gayia Sharbi” Ashok Gill, the Prince of Bhangra, Master Saleem :-“Dhol Jagiroo Da”, the King of Bhangra, Labh Janjua :- “Mundaye To Bachkye”, the Cinderella of Panjabi Music, Naseebo Lal :- “Kaddi Te Hans Bol Wey”, the Powerful Singer, Harry Virdee :- “Dil No Chen”, the Dangerous Player, Bakshi Billa :- “Balle Balle”

GSChaggar’s album has 10 tracks, from bhangra, hip hop, funk, garage. Be warned, this album is going to make Summer of 2007, Deadly..

Promos are now on myspace website, artist’s website and record labels website. Links below

Thin Line