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Dabbi – Somie Sidhu Feat. Jasbir Jassi

Dabbi is based on a story of love, heartbreak and passion. Written and composed by UK born lyricist, Somie Sidhu, it brings together a unique blend of R n B, Soul and Hip Hop sound.

Dabbi Sommi Sidhu Ft Jasbir Jassi & Partners In Rhyme

Somie Sidhu, a medical doctor by training who recently graduated from Oxford Medical School. After writing English songs for many years and penning for Yash Raj films in 2013, under the auspicious guidance of his father, Dr Bal Sidhu, the man who brought the world “Rail Gaddi”, he comes to tell his own story of heartbreak, love and passion.

Jasbir Jassi, sprung to stardom with Dil Le Gayee Kudi Gujrat Di and recently with Laungda Lashkara featuring Hard Kaur in the soundtrack of Bollywood movie Patiala House adds immeasurable vocal depth and emotion to bring the lyrics to life.

Partners in Rhyme, recent winners of the Brit Asia Music Award for best Music Producers provide a level of musical excellence to capture a unique blend of modern R nB and Soul in Asian music.


Dabbi Sommi Sidhu Ft Jasbir Jassi & Partners In Rhyme