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Club Campari Calendar 2009

Club Campari Calendar 2009 – Please Open that Door

Jessica elegantly and mysteriously welcomes you, in her provoking black bustier. Her look is shadowed by a large hat. The glass of Campari on the rocks within her hands leans against her neck; a playful gesture makes guests feel special. What a beautiful surprise and a great way to kick-off the new year.
The shutter is opened. Jessica’s mysterious look serves as an invitation to join the party. The club is overflowing with beautiful people, vivaciousness and fun. Jessica selects a white dress, with a criss-cross back which beautifully emphasizes her cinnamon-coloured skin and her crimson lips, which are just as fire-y red as her look. He follows her, using the excuse of a cocktail to capture her attention.
An embrace, a hello, a Campari. A light gust of wind, moves her hair in a wave-like manner. Her white dress makes her seem like the queen of the club, like a mermaid enveloped in light. The rooms are filled with people, but she only has eyes for him. In their own intimate corner by the door they remain secluded from the others.
The club is perfect to savour every flavour of the day. It’s hot, sunny and the blue hues of the sea and sky appear to merge. Why don’t we join in and lay by the pool? Jessica Alba is transformed into the Venus of the club, in her exquisite black micro-outfit with its shimmery rhinestone straps.
After a swim and a long day of soaking up the sun, Jessica is draped in a red chiffon dress, and ready for an aperitif by the pool. Her seductiveness acts as a magnet, pulling everyone to surround her. It’s difficult to resist the fascination she radiates. It’s impossible to keep from looking at her and admiring her, as they become entangled in a thin web of jealously.
The long evenings identify the Summer season. The dancing commences. The bongo drums resonate with a savage rhythm, followed by a mambo and a cha cha cha. She plays the role of a somewhat dark lady, in her jet-black dress with a slit that runs up the leg. She dances by herself on the diving board, with festive splashes of water surrounding her.
A pause, a breath and a moment of relaxation while the wind blows through her hair. A moment where desire becomes evident. Elegant and sophisticated, in a black push-up sheath dress, she continues the seduction game with an intriguing look. She doesn’t need any jewels to make her shine; she already glistens as a result of her golden skin, her fire-y red lips and her deep sparkling eyes. The backdrop of the ocean’s waves, evoke expectations and feelings of desire.
Summer vacation brings feelings of longing, to enjoy being in company and to celebrate while sipping a fresh cocktail. There’s a party at Club Campari; laughter, chatters and jokes resonate. No one can resist the club’s fascinating protagonist, dressed in a curve-hugging white outfit. She cunningly masks her gaze behind a pair of large sunglasses.
Black shorts and a semi-transparent long-sleeved T-shirt are perfect for an early morning aperitif. In the game of “now you see me, now you don’t” and “hide and go seek”, the dance of seduction continues, expressing a feline and subtle characteristic even her most simple movements, like raising her arms to tie her hair.
 Which is the most beautiful panorama? The one with the ocean in the background and Jessica in the spotlight, her curvy body emphasized by a black, skin-like outfit? Who can resist this smiling, sensual beauty that makes one imagine unforgettable journeys?
Even if you want to enjoy a quiet moment, the club remains an ideal location. A glass of Campari, a nice chat and a gaze into a pair of eyes that are highlighted by the fact that her hair is pulled back. The eye-catching slave bracelet speaks out saying: “you’re mine” or maybe “I’m yours”.
It’s been a wonderful year for the club. Will you return? Who could decline such an invitation? Certainly not he who last sees her wearing those little white shorts and bustier, highlighted by a waist-defining black belt with its silver buckle. She says goodbye from within the closing shutters, the same ones she had opened to reveal her world at the beginning.
The club rests, awaiting tomorrow and the next adventure that Red Passion will bring.
Club Campari Calendar 2009
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