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Bups Saggu - Punjabi Hurrr (ft Nirmal Sidhu)

Bups Saggu – Punjabi Hurrr (ft Nirmal Sidhu)

Bups describes Punjabi Hurrr as a track that “explores and promotes the strength and pride associated with the Punjabi identity, it’s a feel-good track that makes you proud to be Punjabi and the video was designed to reflect a variety of sporting talents found within the Punjabi community.”

Punjabi Hurrr features Nirmal Sidhu on vocals and was written by Bups Saggu and Tari Banwalipuriya.

Bups Saggu - Punjabi Hurrr (ft Nirmal Sidhu)

The video for Punjabi Hurrr will be available shortly, so stay tuned!

Check out the Sample Track