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British Asian MC pioneers Metz & Trix are set to crank up the heat this summer

British Asian MC pioneers Metz & Trix are set to crank up the heat this summer

Release Date 12th May 2012: A unique collaboration, Kerre Velle combines the hip hop flow of

the Manchester based dynamic duo with the big desi beats of Kenya based Punjabi entertainer Gupz Saund.

The big song has already received a lot of love from critics, DJs and those who have been fortunate enough to hear it on the live circuit despite it not being released yet. “In 2009 we were doing a tour in Nairobi.

Then we did a radio interview and Gupz was the host.

He asked if he could collaborate on a song with us and we said off course! We stayed in touch, he sent a song over and we thought it was amazing. The beautiful thing was that we communicated everything including sending vocals via email and the result was this amazing song,” said Metz.

Metz & Trix

Kerre Velle is an epic dance floor anthem that carries on the impressive momentum generated by Metz & Trix in the past decade.

They have delivered big songs like Aaja Mahi, Tappe and Sah Rukh Da aswell as inspiring a whole generation of British Asian hip hop artists to follow in their giant footsteps.

 “We have always believed in leading the way and feel we have done that again with this collaboration with Gupz

Saund. This song will hopefully draw attention to the incredible talent that exists in Africa and take British

Asian music across new frontiers,” said Trix. Kerre Velle is taken from the forthcoming Metz and Trix’s EP Going Worldwide and will also be featured on Gupz Saund’s new album Eclipse.

If this song is a sign of things to come then both the EP and album will also be ones to look out for.

Gupz Saund