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Bobby Friction Leaves Radio 1

Bobby Friction Leaves Radio 1

Bobby Friction and Radio 1 announced he was leaving in September after seven years on the station and during changes to Radio 1’s Specialist schedule. He started presenting ‘Bobby Friction & Nihal’, the stations first Asian/Desi music show, with his co-host Nihal in October 2002.

Over the last seven years the show has one numerous awards including a Sony Gold from the Radio Academy and has been seen as a seminal show in British Asian musical history.

Bobby will continue presenting his ‘Friction’ show (another Sony Gold winner) on the Asian Network and will continue to work across the BBC including making a documentary for Radio 1 on the Burning Man festival in the USA, and documentary’s for Radio 4 & The World Service.

Bobby Friction Leaves Radio 1

Bobby Friction said:

“The seven years I spent on Radio 1 were some of the most incredible & surreal years in my life so far! From broadcasting our Radio 1 show from Mumbai, to releasing a Number 1 album in India, DJ’ing across North America, Europe, The Middle East & Asia as well as winning three Sony Gold Radio Academy awards! It’s been a very intense and intellectually nourishing experience.

My dream from the early 90’s onwards was to spread the Gospel of Desi music and I even dared to think that Radio 1 might have an Asian Music show one day. When I found myself on Radio 1 ten years later actually playing and talking about the music I loved so much I had a hard time believing it was really happening! Since then the BBC have given me the chance to make Documentary’s, TV programs & play Asian music across the BBC and I am very grateful.

I’d like to thank everyone at Radio 1 who made the show happen over the years including Andy Parfitt, Ben Cooper, Ian Parkinson, Rhys Hughes, Paul Thomas, Nihal, David Hillier, Jo Harland, Rachel McHalroy, James Bursey, Chloe Collins, Sam Rumney & the unbeatable Reajuka Sharma!

I’ve never spent so long on one project and must admit I’m itching to try something new, exciting and innovative. It’s what makes my creative life tick! As well as any new projects I’ll still be Introducing new Asian/Desi music on the BBC Asian Network Monday to Thursdays from 10PM, and will continue with the love of my life…Asian Music Radio.”