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Biggest Bhangrafest Ever in UK

Press release

 Bhangra opens Arts fest 06  8th September 06 1930 to 2300 hours. 
Centenary Square Broad St Birmingham.
Birmingham has long been the centre of bhangra with all the leading artists and record companies based in Birmingham but recent years has seen the movement break global barriers.
The success of bhangra music with its entrance into the commercial charts in the last few years has led to an explosion of bhangra music throughout the world. With countless bhangra products being sold and or licensed all the world, bhangra artists are much in demand on the live circuit.
Bhangra fest 06 is the first time that Birmingham has staged a concert of this nature with two large dome stages and a large screen in the middle.
Bhangra acts booked for the fest include the new and young and the widely travelled artists.
Acts appearing on Bhangra fest 06 include:
Alaap – an act that initiated the bhangra movement as we know it, have been performing for over 20 years with a particularly strong following in the Indian subcontinent.
Achanak – are a much travelled bhangra band and have had their tracks licensed all over the world including the first band to appear in an interactive game – X box 360’s – Project Gotham City 3.
They also became the first bhangra band to have their material licensed in China and Hong Kong.
Apna Group – Like Alaap, this Birmingham based band have been performing for over 20 years.
Known for their more traditional performances, Apna have carved out a niche in this market.
Dalvinder Singh – represents the new breed of bhangra bands.
The band includes two brothers who have come from a musical background where their father was a major force in the bhangra industry in the 70’s and 80’s.
Bhangra fest have attracted a lot of support from the mainstream press including the Asian BBC Network who will be undertaking a live broadcast on radio and web. The concert will run from 1930 till 2300 hours on Broad St Birmingham.