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BBC Asian Network’s Adil Ray in new BBC Two Comedy Series – Bellamy’s People

BBC Asian Network’s Breakfast Show Presenter Adil Ray, is set to star in the new BBC Two comedy series ‘Bellamy’s People of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ at the end of January.
The eight-part series starts on Thursday 21 January, 10pm, BBC Two and is developed from the BBC Radio 4 satire ‘Down the Line’. It sees hapless radio talk show host Gary Bellamy jumping into his Triumph Stag 'personality vehicle' to travel the length and breadth of the land, meeting the people of Britain and trying to find out what makes us tick.
The series, which reunites Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson for their first television partnership in ten years, sees Adil Ray appear as a number of characters – Mr Khan, a hilarious self-appointed Asian community leader from Leicester, MC Raa, a DJ based in Birmingham who gives us his take on Muslim beats and Guru Dev Gattacharjiya, who enlightens us with his great wisdom about everything.
BBC Asian Network's Adil Ray in new BBC Two Comedy Series - Bellamy's People
 BBC Asian Network's Adil Ray in new BBC Two Comedy Series - Bellamy's People
Adil comments, ‘Like many others, I am a huge fan of Paul and Charlie and they have long been an inspiration. To be asked to work alongside them was just fantastic. I am just glad they don't do Pakistani accents, although Paul did try!’
Whitehouse and Higson along with a talented ensemble of players including Rhys Thomas, Lucy Montgomery, Simon Day, Rosie Cavaliero and Felix Dexter, take on a gamut of quintessentially British characters. From a 23 stone man who rarely leaves his bed, to a pair of aristocratic sisters with an unhealthy love of totalitarian regimes, the series explores the whole host of characters that make up Great Britain!