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The Magical Magnificence of Music – BBC Asian Network Live 2019 (By Anisha Kaur Johal)

What a night…on Saturday 2nd March 2019 BBC Asian Network Live returned with a blast! It was back even bigger and better than before, with a lineup of diverse artists, acts and musical genres. The range of songs, styles and vocals really conveyed the wide spectrum of Asian talent, not only from the UK, but abroad from America and Pakistan. Now let me give you an insight into the magical magnificence of music at BBC Asian Network Live 2019…

BBC Asian Network Live returned to Birmingham on Saturday 2nd March 2019

The show opened up with a pataka…well not a literal pataka, but a burst of energy with a dance routine featuring Harpz Kaur, the BBC Asian Network breakfast show presenter. The talent, choreography and energy of the opening performance really got the crowd going and all pumped up for the acts. 

BBC Asian Network Breakfast Show Presenter Harpz Kaur opened up the show with a dance

The first singer of the night, Jaz Dhami, was absolutely exceptional. Representing British Panjabi talent, Jaz took the audience though a musical journey from upbeat bhangra songs such as Tekhe Wali to his melodious rendition of his track Zulfa. Jaz really did a fantastic job of being the first singer to take to the stage.

Jaz Dhami was the first act of the night and provided the audience with an exceptional performance

The next Panjabi act was the one and only G Sidhu. All the way from America, this was his second performance in the UK and he sure did create a mini Panjab with dhol drummers and bhangra dancers running onto the stage for his performance of Candlelight and Credit Card. The lights were then dimmed as he switched genres and sang Red Rose and then even busted some bhangra moves in his next track Hip Hop. 

G Sidhu’s performance smashed the stage, especially all the bhangra dancing

Following G Sidhu we got to see another Sidhu, the UK’s Gurj Sidhu, who collaborated with the music producer Manni Sandhu. They kicked off their segment of the show with their collaboration Chala, a modern day recreation of the classic by Gurdas Maan. Gurj then sung some of his other tunes like Verified Jatt and Backyard. He even surprised the audience by singing Gani, a song so different to his style, but nevertheless fantastically executed. 

Gurj Sidhu & Manni Sandhu treated the audience with a great performance

BBC Asian Network’s Dipps Bhamrah and Noreen Khan then took to the stage to introduce the next act; the act representing females, the act who had previously performed at BBC Asian Network Live, the act that the crowd went absolutely wild for…you’ve probably guessed, it was the gulabi queen all the way from California, Jasmine Sandlas. Oh boy did she set the stage on fire with hits such as Sip Sip, Bamb Jatt, Pat Laigiya, Bagavat and Illegal Weapon. But what stood out about her for me was the overwhelming love that she received from her fans as she knelt on the stage after her performance soaking in the electrifying atmosphere with fans cheering for her at the top of their lungs…what a moment! Some people in the audience were even lucky enough to obtain her jewellery as she threw her earrings, bangles and tikka into the audience. 

The crowd went absolutely wild for the gulabi queen Jasmine Sandlas

Just when you think that the optimum level of energy had been hit with the bar set so high by all the previous artists, the final act definitely rose to the challenge and treated fans with an amazing performance. Mickey Singh ignited the stage with his first ever performance in the UK. He even showed us some dance moves whilst singing Yaar Tera Lit, sung the much loved Phone and showcased the versatility of his voice with I Am Urban Desi. It was also great to hear him sing one of his originals Bad Girl. 

Mickey Singh’s first performance in the UK was a fantastic way to end the show

BBC Asian Network Live 2019…no words can capture how incredible the night was, you just simply had to be there to soak up the energy. There were many other great artists, I’d be here all day if I were to capture the magic of each and every performance. However, it’s great to see Asian music being represented, appreciated and showcased here in the UK and if you missed it let’s hope that there will be another one next year…

BBC Asian Network presenters even added to the magic of the night

By Anisha Kaur Johal

Facebook: Anisha Kaur Johal 

Instagram: @anishajohal

Twitter: @AnishaJohal 

LinkedIn: Anisha Kaur Johal