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B4U Motion Pictures acquires overseas distribution rights for T-Series & Abundantia’s next two films, Chef & Noor


B4U Motion Pictures

Following the success of box office smash hit, Airlift, B4U Motion Pictures has acquired the overseas distribution rights for T-Series and Abundantia’s next two productions, Noor and Chef.

Both films, Noor starring Sonakshi Sinha and Chef starring Saif Ali Khan, are heduled for release in 2017 and pave the way for a fresh genre for Hindi films in overseas markets. The makers are confident that, with the marketing and distribution strength and savvy of B4U Motion Pictures, both films will optimise their reach and noise among audiences worldwide.

Sonakshi Sinha in upcoming Noor

Sonakshi Sinha in upcoming Noor

Abundantia is known to produce and support progressive, high-quality entertainment content and the company has made strong strides in its motion pictures business in a relatively short time span in films such as Airlift and Baby.

Launching both B4U Movies and B4U Music in 1999, the B4U Network has established itself as the foremost Asian channel to pioneer Bollywood and Indian Entertainment content worldwide. Currently with the number one music channel in India and a strong presence across 100 countries worldwide, B4U has created a brand with strong momentum across multiple platforms including TV, Cinema, Press, New Media and Digital. B4U Motion Pictures has its footprints across all these countries and has delivered recent successes such as Queen, Drishyam and Airlift and Pakistani releases such as Bin Roye and Janaan – the first Pakistani film to enter the UK Box Office Top 10.

Ishan Saksena, CEO B4U says of the collaboration, “We are delighted to be partnering with T-Series and Abundantia again as they have a history of putting out great content. With cutting edge films like Noor and Chef, we are yet again looking to enthrall the audience with new age Cinema”.

Sunil Shah, Head of Film Division, B4U Motion Pictures adds, “It was gratifying to exhibit our marketing and distribution expertise with Airlift internationally. Post the success of Airlift, Noor and Chef offer us a chance to go certain notches up and delivering films that are hits globally”.

Speaking on taking the partnership with B4U forward, Vikram Malhotra, Founder and CEO, Abundantia Entertainment says, “Abundantia prides itself on producing and supporting content that has resonated with millions of viewers across the world. In a very short span of time, our films like Baby and Airlift have not only won hearts but also delivered strong at the box office. High quality content needs high quality support in distribution and we are delighted that along with our partners at T-series, the winning combination of T-series-Abundantia-B4U is now back together for Noor and Chef”.

Bhushan Kumar, Chief Managing Director, T-Series says, “We had a great working relationship between T-Series, Abundantia and B4U during Airlift and we were looking at an opportunity to repeat this combination in our future projects. With Noor and Chef we have been able to get this combination back and we are sure that together we would be able to create the same magic in international markets.”

Ajay Kapoor, MD, from T-Series adds, “We strongly believe that good content needs the support of an efficient marketing and distribution strategy. Looking at B4U’s past record and our past association on Airlift, we can safely say that both our films – Noor and Chef are in great hands for international marketing and distribution.”