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At First Sight – An Insight Into Jagtar Dulai (By Anisha Kaur Johal)

The Bhangra scene is constantly changing, developing and diversifying with the emergence of new artists who endeavour to bring something fresh, vibrant and captivating to listeners. With Bhangra being at its peak of diversity, there is so much choice for artistes to experiment with: old school, new school, rap, R&B, romance…the list is endless.  However, there is one individual who is not afraid to combine different genres together.  A person who has brought something new to each of his tracks.  An artiste who definitely has the potential to advance the Bhangra scene…Jagtar Dulai!

Dulai worked alongside Aman Hayer, Sunny Hayre & Jarnail Dulai on his first track, Dulai was part of Aman Hayre’s The Entourage, Dulai has collaborated on a track with Raxstar, Dulai produced a song with DJ Raj & Dav Juss

Jagtar Dulai, a versatile, multidimensional, talented singer and University of Birmingham graduate, has hit the Bhangra scene with a blast.  Since starting his musical journey in Aman Hayer’s The Entourage, Dulai has flourished: releasing his debut single Bhangre Da Sardaar featuring Aman Hayer, collaborating with Raxstar to produce Pehla Pyaar and releasing Love Bangles, a mix of Dr Zeus’ Kangna and the classic Pyaar Kiya To Nibhana, creating a Panjabi/Hindi fusion.  His latest release – At First Sight – is a cover of the track Pehli Nazar Mein, incorporating a modern twang with a fresh beat and a hint of English vocals sung by Karenpreet.  As well as collaborating with successful figures in the industry, Dulai performed at the UK Bhangra Awards 2016 and Leicester Mela 2016.  He was also a Best Newcomer nominee for the UK Bhangra Awards 2015 which reflects the determination, dedication and devotion that he has put into his work.

Dulai’s tracks to date are: Bhangre Da Sardaar (15th January 2016), Pehla Pyaar (7th May 2016), Love Bangles (17th July 2016) & At First Sight (23rd December 2016)

What makes Dulai stand out is his ability and confidence to experiment with different genres; in each release he has showcased another side of his voice.  Beginning with a Bhangra track, releasing a romantic song, experimenting with a Panjabi/Hindi mash-up, and then releasing a Hindi cover incorporating English – each song brings something diverse to the scene.  His genuine love for singing is depicted, conveyed and reflected, not only in his releases, but in his other covers – Brown Rang/Zulfa, Saadi Gali Aaja, Saawan Aaya Hai.  It is commendable that he has experimented with many genres, but I am now waiting for him to blast out some boliyan!

Dulai has done covers to Brown Rang/Zulfa (30th July 2014), Saadi Gali Aaja (19th April 2015), Saawan Aaya Hai (6th December 2015)

Despite being a successful artiste, Dulai has not been led astray by fame and has a very close relationship with his family.  His elder brother, Jarnail Dulai, wrote the lyrics to his singles Bhangre Da Sardaar and Pehla Pyaar and he has also given his cousin Karenpreet a platform to launch her musical career by featuring her in At First Sight.  It is clear that he still remains in touch with his Panjabi roots which is evident in his Red Valve Studio Live Session, in which he sung parts of eight Panjabi songs with immense passion, intensity and joy.  His love for Sikhi and connection with his Sikh heritage is abundant and is clearly depicted in his Instagram video promoting the films Chaar Sahibzaade and Chaar Sahibzaade: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur.  It is promising to see an artiste promoting a film about ‘fighting injustice’ and being engaged in their religion, history and culture to the extent that he had ‘tears in his eyes watching it’.  Maybe he could surprise fans with a Kirtan track in the future…

Brothers Jagtar & Jarnail Dulai, Dulai has appeared in Sunny Hayre’s Kundi Much music video, Dulai creating hits in the studio, Dulai has been performing Bhangra since the age of 5

After meeting Dulai and watching him perform, I can honestly say that he is a very genuine, sincere and kind-hearted individual who has the passion, power and perseverance to take the UK Bhangra scene into a new dimension. Make sure to follow Dulai on his social media and watch out for his next release!

Dulai at Leicester Mela 2016


Dulai’s Music/Releases/Covers to date:

Bhangre Da Sardaar

Love Bangles

Pehla Pyaar

At First Sight

Red Valve Studio Live Session

Brown Rang/Zulfa (Cover)

Saadi Gali Aaja (Cover)

Saawan Aaya Hai (Cover)


Dulai’s social media:

Facebook: @jagtardulai

Instagram: @jagtardulai

Twitter: @JagtarDulai

Snapchat: jagtardulai

YouTube: OfficialJagtarDulai

Email: [email protected]


By Anisha Kaur Johal