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Asian Fashion Hour Live: Miss Amaretto meets with Ravita Pannu

Punjab2000 journalist Amrit Matharu (Amaretto’s World) met with make up artiste Ravita Pannu at  Asian Fashion Hour Live.

Miss Amaretto with make up artiste Ravita Pannu #RPDivas

Miss Amaretto with make up artiste Ravita Pannu #RPDivas

Make up artiste Ravita Pannu joined guest panel at Pehrani’s Asian Fashion Hour Live held at The Space Birmingham on 26 September 2014.

Pannu took to the hot seat and revealed her personal story which led to the success of her business brand, Ravita Pannu Artiste, specialising in henna, art and make up.

Pannu quoted “once you’ve been RP’d you won’t go back”.

Practising henna since as young as 13-years-old, Pannu said “I’ve always been creative with hair… It’s surreal to think that when the make up element came after the henna and hair, it’s now what my brand is most known for.”

Pannu’s brand has been involved in international beauty campaigns, pop-up shops, RP bindis and accessories. The panel asked how important it is to have diversity with the RP brand, and Pannu replied “fashion has a massive influence on what we do and what we do for the customers. Being versatile is a part of that”.

Pannu explains how finding a happy medium with her clients is important. “As a make up artiste you’ve almost got to be able to read your clients within the first 30 seconds that you meet them. Their personalities are huge giveaways. You know if they’re shy and timid you can’t go elaborate with their make up. You’ve got to be able to build up their looks for them and in-store confidence in them.”

“It’s more than just make up.”

Passion and Pannu’s business motivation of juggling life as a working wife having only just taken redundancy from her previous 9-5 job on top of her beauty career this March, a mother and daughter-in-law has all been inspired by her parents’ dedication to always being able to provide for Pannu and her siblings. Pannu spoke of how she chased her mother’s dream of following a degree based career, though doing this, and up until recently, maintaining her two jobs has given her the discipline to run the business she owns today.

Ravita Pannu being questioned on the panel by Chandeep Uppal

Ravita Pannu being questioned on the panel by Chandeep Uppal

Pannu has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry accomplishing many great achievments. To date, RP has secured a deal with a soliciting firm whereby the company’s solicitors will have their makeup done by Ravita Pannu Artiste brand before entering court. Ravita Pannu Artiste brand currently has 14 stylists.

From being an individual make up artiste to being a beauty business owner, Pannu says “having the love and passion is key”.

Comments during the panel discussion regarding competition was raised, in particular regarding the title of “MUA” (make up artiste) seen on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The trend of applying the suffix MUA to profile names has become a recent craze; with what seems like everyone who can apply three shades of eyeshadow are doing it. Pannu claims training academies are partly responsible, “five days of training and courses do not make you a make up artiste. It has to come from the heart and a genuine love to create these visions”.

Pannu’s inspiration comes from girls who do it wrong. She explains how eyeliner can either make or break the look. The signature Ravita Pannu Artiste eyeliner has what Pannu describe as a science behind it. Without giving the secret away, Panuu uses a bird’s eye view to getting the perfect winged liner.

1)    What is your big beauty do?
Has got to be prepping the skin! If the canvas – the face, isn’t prepared for the make up then then make up simply won’t sit right. Look after your skin. #RP loves Microdermabasions, highly recommending them!

2)    What is your big beauty don’t?
Using make up past its use by date! Everything has a best before date, if you haven’t used a product in more than three months don’t use it! If it’s six-eight months old don’t go there! Chuck it away #RPDivas! Ensure you look after your personal makeup kit! After all you’re applying these products on your face!

3)    Whose beauty shoes would you love to walk in?
I would love to walk in the shoes of so many! There are a lot of beauty and make up artistes I follow and absolutely adore their work. Gosh… This is a tough one! If it had to be one then UK based would be brand founder of Illamasqua, Julian Kynaston.

4)    What can you not live without in your kit?
This one is easy! Eyeliner in all its forms – gel, pencil, liquid, shadow! After all #RP is known for the signature eyeliner.

5)    What is your big tip when out looking for a new product?
Social media is huge and is a part of everyday life. If you hear about a new product do you research, see what is being blogged about the product you’re looking into purchasing. Read honest beauty reviews – ask questions if not! I often have many #RPDivas asking me advice and if I have the answers I always share!