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Asian Fashion Hour Live: Miss Amaretto meets with Julien Trivedi

Amrit from Punjab2000 met with menswear designer and tailor, Julien Trivedi who represented on behalf of the fashion-conscious males at Asian Fashion Hour Live hosted by Pehrani and The Space Birmingham on 26 September 2014.

Miss Amaretto with Julien Trivedi

Miss Amaretto with Julien Trivedi

Selling suits in the 1990’s gaining over 15 years of experience in the tailoring industry;m

Trivedi addressed the panel with his positive and fashion-fresh business attitude claiming have never wanted to be just a fashion retailer, but set out with the ambition to champion his own brand.

What sets Trivedi apart from traditional South Asian menswear services is that he labels himself as a tailorist; a tailorist who is able to create whatever garment you want to call it, albeit a suit or a sherwani.

“I don’t talk to people about suits. I don’t talk to people about sherwanis. I ask them what they want and why. Then I am able to work with what they want because it’s who they are and what they like.” 

Selfies at Asian Fashion Hour Live

Selfies at Asian Fashion Hour Live

Although of Asian heritage, Trivedi doesn’t brand his label exclusively to just the Asian market. Asian-inspired detailing can most definitely be seen in his creative pieces however Trivedi explained to the panel he can create any style of men’s suits.

Trivedi also works with clients in the music industry creating bespoke urban wear as well as suits for professionals, business men and grooms.

Trivedi explain how his passion for suits was present from an early age, being the only child at school who enjoyed wearing a blazer. He spoke about how fashion is dependent on you and your passion, how this can build what you want your look to say.

The topic of stereotypes was also touched on when Trivedi commented  “fashion is influenced by how you vision yourself, but what people think of you. You look good and feel good. I can dress in a suit and everyone will respect what you’re saying. I can take this off and my glasses off, walk around with a hoodie and a pair of high tops on and I’m just another person.” 

Trivedi’s level of customer service revolves around talking to the customer. Trivedi said “I don’t ask the what the customer wants me to design, I have a conversation with them to build trust to allow them to let me come up with a design for what I think suits them”. This process involves selecting precise fabrics whereby suppliers are sourced from all over the world for the best results. This selection process is taken into consideration as not every customer can apply this to their budget.

“The way I see it is, you’re permanently borrowing one of my suits.”

When asked by the panel about his unique approach to customer consultations and if this customer service needs to be seen more in the Asian industry, Trivedi spoke of there needing to be an education process where all males not just Asian, need to learn about how fashion allows you to create your own style and identity, not just because their friends are wearing it.

Julien Trivedi talking to Chandeep Uppal

Julien Trivedi talking to Chandeep Uppal

Finally Trivedi ended the panel discussion by stating that it is people that inspire him.

“I remember when I wasn’t Julien Trivedi and that drives me.”

1)What is your big fashion do?
If in doubt always over dress.

2)What is your big fashion don’t?
Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Let how you dress reflect who you are and not how much you own. Don’t be afraid to take risks in fashion as long as you wear it with confidence and fearlessness in the mind.

3) Whose fashion shoes would you love to walk in?
Tom Ford.

4)What could you not live without in your wardrobe?

5)What is your one big tip when out shopping?
Don’t let that very friendly sales person talk you into buying something you are not sure about.


Check out the video highlights & Fashion Show from Julien Trivedi label launch party.