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Armed with Beckham's villa & Di Caprio's yacht, R&B act Aron B releases his new single 'Be My Baby'

Armed with Beckham’s villa & Di Caprio’s yacht, R&B act Aron B releases his new single ‘Be My Baby’

But young Mancunian Aron B hasn’t been sitting idle since his debut. After the success of ‘I Just Wanna’, the 21 year old performing arts and music college graduate, has been busy signing to a new label, writing, recording and performing and is now ready to release his new single ‘Be My Baby’.

The new single, 'Be My Baby' penned by Aron himself, sees the artist’s dulcet tones laid over an intrinsically British Desi R&B style with a guest vocal from Panjabi musical maestro Nasir Khan.

Aron says “I really wanted to show fans who have supported me with the last single that there is so much more to come from me! My new single is a slice of me and my style and I hope everyone enjoys listening to the single as much as we enjoyed making it”.

No expense was spared for the video, shot in Ibiza’s searing 40-degree heat. It features Aron driving Leonardo Di Caprio’s yacht, the same yacht that was used in James Bond’s 'Quantam of Solace' and having fun in a luxury mountain top villa complete with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and infinity swimming pool. The same villa rented by the UK’s favourite sports star David Beckham as a favourite get away spot from the paparazzi.

With a couple more singles up his sleeve to drop this year and an album early next year, Aron B is ready to show his game.

 The digital single is availble via iTunes on the 24th September 2010.