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Deana Uppal

An exclusive interview and photoshoot with UK model Deana Uppal

We caught up with UK based Asian model Deana Uppal and photographer DMG at Midas Bar in Leicester for an exclusive behind the scenes photo shoot. For most of you who dont know who Deana Uppal is, shes one of many talented UK Asian models that has blessed our television screens, featured in high end editorial magazine spreads and walked down many catwalk fashion shows. 

Deana Uppal

So Deana, for many of our readers who would love to follow in your modelling and acting footsteps, tell us what got you into the modelling industry?
I started modelling at the age of 16. I’ve always liked getting my pictures taken and had always enjoyed acting and dance classes at school so this passion progressed into a career.  
Did you find it hard starting from such a young age?
It was hard but I think any job is hard to begin with. I started off with an agency signing me up and I started getting work from there. 


Oh, Great! So, did you enjoy todays shoot?
Yeah, everyone that I’ve worked with today were very professional and hard working, so Im happy. 
What were the main concepts and looks for your shoot today?
Well today weve done some beauty looks to focus on the make-up and I think the photographer wanted to capture a high end fashion look so that’s what many of the shots involved. 
So would you say youre more of a designer girl or a high street kind of girl?
Hmmm, I like both. I think a mix of both is good.  
Other than photo shoots, what other modelling do you do or have done?
I have done many commercials such as EPI, QVC and bare minerals. I’ve done catwalks, feature films, promotional events and music videos.  
Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach before a shoot or the catwalk? And how do you cope with that feeling?
I used to when I began modelling but now that I’ve got used to going on stage I’m fine. 
Which music artists have you worked with?
I’ve worked with a few artists both from the UK and India such as Miss Pooja, Des-C, Jaz Dhami, DJ H and Harbhajan Mann.

WOW! Harbhajan Mann is quite big. How was it working with him?


I really like his music and his films. Ive always wanted to work with him, hes one of the biggest Punjabi singers so I was really happy about doing it. It was a good experience. We shot the video in India and it was very different to the videos Ive done in England but I really enjoyed it. 
Would you work with him again?
Yeah, definitely! 
So what was your experience like working in India compared to working with UK artists?
The jobs I have done in India have been quite similar to the jobs in England except for the obvious weather difference, it is a lot warmer there and also the language. I’ve also noticed in India you will walk into an empty room and within hours a whole big set has been built up and in England that would be impossible to do because of health and safety regulations.  
Was there a big culture shock for you in India from England? In terms of fashion and how you was portrayed because youre from the UK?
Well fashion wise I think they have everything that weve got, they have almost all the shops we have in England. I wasnt in the villages; I was in Mumbai which is quite cosmopolitan and is the on same level as places like London, Paris and New York in terms of lifestyle, fashion, music etc. 
India is the home to Bollywood and has thousands of actresses and models. How does it feel for you to be picked to be in Harbhajan Manns video from anyone else?
I was really happy I got chosen to do Harbhajan Manns video because Im the first Asian model from England to be in any of his videos, so it was a nice surprise to have been chosen and nice to work with such an established artist. 

Deana Uppal1

Youre currently located in Birmingham, would you relocate to India permanently if that was where the jobs were for you?
Yeah. Im actually moving to India in a few weeks. Im going to stay there for 6 months and work there and then come back to England. Im always shifting from both places, but yeah I would consider moving out there permanently. 
Thats a big change. Are you excited?
Yes I am, I love the lifestyle in Mumbai. 
Do you have anything lined up at the moment in India or is it case of looking for jobs? I am with a well known agency in India so I wont have to look for work myself. I have a shoot with designer Babita M for her new range to be put in the Lakme fashion week catalogue. The shoot will also be filmed for Zoom TV. 
OK Deana, were going to have a quick fire round of questions so all our viewers can get to know a bit more about yourself.  
So Jimmy Choos or Uggs?
What’s your favourite food?
Who’s your favourite actress? Hollywood and Bollywood?
Julia Roberts and Katrina Kaif 
What’s your favourite perfume?
What’s your favourite website? of course J  
And finally, England or India?

Deana Uppal2

Thank you for your time Deana.
We wish you all the best in India.
Finally for all our readers out there where can they find out more about Deana?
You can go to Facebook on my fan page Deana Uppal or you can go onto  
Harbhajan Mann’s video – Vaari Vaari is available to view exclusively here on Punjab2000!

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