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A Evening With Salman Khan Press Confrence Pictures

An Evening With Salman Khan

On Friday 9th September 2011 Spice UK and Reliance Entertainment held a exclusive but informal press conference with Salman Khan at the Grovesnor House Hotel on Park Lane.
Salman Khan was also celebrating his successful surgery in New York & the sucess of his latest film Bodyguard.
Media: Good evening Salman bhai welcome to London.
Salman: Thank you.  
Media: How are you feeling?
Salman: I am feeling good. 
Media: How do you feel after your operation?
Salman: I feel good and thank you for all your blessings. I actually have a condition called trigeminal neuralgia, which I do not understand.
To put it simply there is a romantic affair between my nerves and veins. So they got so close together that they were to close for comfort and they were giving me electric shocks in my brain, so what happens is when you get hurt on your knees or lower back then the pain goes through your spinal cord.  Now it’s not hurting so much as the spinal cord has actually shut down. It takes from six months to three years for it to go away.   
Media: How were your Eid celebrations?
Salman: I was sedated at the time, but it was a good feeling and you should try that sometime. (laughs)
Media: Congratulations on the bumper success of your film, we look forward to your next release.
Salman: Yes, Ek Tha Tiger. I am going to Dublin tomorrow for the shooting & will probaly end up blowing half of it up! (Laughs)
Media: Bodyguard is a good film. What attracted you to the film?
Salman: The script. It is always the script that makes a film. Although on this film it look like it was doomed to fail before we shot the first scene as the 2 previous films I have acted in with Kareena Kapoor have both flopped & it looked liked this one could have doen so to, but as you all know it's done very well at the box office thanks to you all for watching it! 
Media: People of all ages love you, but the children are crazy about you. Do you have a special message for them?
Salman: Grow up well. 
Media photographer: Salman my wife and daughter and also crazy about you.       
Salman laughs & blushes 
Media: When are we going to see you and Aamir Khan together in Andaz Apna Apna 2?
Salman: We have wanted to do the film for a long time. They are working on something now for it, so it just depends on the dates that Aamir & I are free on once the scrip is ready.
Media: You have done a few remakes of hit films from the South. 
Salman: I do not see the film. I am just given the script and if I like the script then I do the film. The Hindi film audience has not seen the original film and therefore it is new to them anyway. A lot of the Hindi films are remade in Tamil as well.  

An Evening With Salman Khan

Media: Would you act in Expendables 2?
Salman: No. 
Media: A lot of Hollywood actors want to work in Hindi cinema, your comment on this?
Salman: They are only saying this they don’t really want to and I have our own lovely actresses to work with. 
Media: When are you doing Debangg 2? Is it going to be anytime soon?
Salman: Yes we are. After ‘Ek tha Tiger’. Maybe for Diwali next year. 
Media: What about ‘Sher Khan’?
Salman: That has been postponed for now as it is a very huge project. 
Media: Will we see you do negative roles?
Salman: No. I only want to do positive roles Media:
What are you most proud of?
Salman: My charity Being Human. You see I feel that in life one is going to be remembered for the good things that he has done for the less fortunate.  
Media: If you were not in films then who in the Bollywood industry would you be a bodyguard of?

Salman: I don’t know actually as I have never thought of this one. Your bodyguard? Or shall I just say Katrina’s.

Media: Would you consider directing in the future?
Salman: No, my brothers are both directing and they are doing a fine job of it. So I think that I should leave it to them. 
Media: You produced ‘Chillier Party’. Would you produce again?
Salman: Yes I would if the script was right.   
Media: A message for your UK fans?
Salman: I seriously love you guys, it has been a wonderful connect for the last 22 years and I am only here because of you, my fans, and all the love you guys have given me.
At this point the press conference ended & Salman posed happily for pictures with the press & signs autographs.  
Pictures from the Press conference