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Amaretto’s World joins Punjab2000

We at  Punjab2000 team up with Amrit Matharu of Amaretto’s World to bring you the very best of music, fashion, lifestyle and culture!

Amrit Matharu joins Punjab2000 team

Having grown up in the small market town of Northampton with the absence of Asian friends, Amrit finds herself fascinated with topics and ideas within the Asian culture, especially those that are not necessarily explored so openly. In 2013 Amrit completed her degree in English Language and English Literature at De Montfort University whereby she produced an academic thesis on the exploration of the British-Asian female in novels by Nisha Minhas. Since university her passion for such topics have centralised around the wider British-Asian ideologies that articulate through tradition and culture.

Amrit addressed her enthusiasm for the Indian culture and became an active member of Sikh Union Coventry, a charitable organisation who manages local and international projects for those in need. Alongside attending Sikh Union on their annual Eye Camp in India, Amrit co-founded the Northampton Punjabi Association, a local group joining hands with the community to come together at social events to make a difference.

Keeping busy with representing various groups, Amrit shares her journey through writing. Writer, journalist and blogger Amrit integrates her on-the-go lifestyle with her duties. Her love for fashion, beauty, spiritualism and positivity is distinctly profound in the way she expresses herself through words.

Amrit believes in embracing the positive over the negative. “Looking at the positive aspects of a situation gives you the chance to assess what you can learn from the experience, and continue your journey to believe, achieve and succeed.”

To share Amrit’s vision of positive energy, take a look at some of her articles for Punjab2000.com – Enjoy!