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Alyssia Album review

Track One : Deewana

The track starts off with PHS letting you know they are kicking things off, the beat
is a nice mid tempo beat with a nice little bassline behind it, with the soft and sweet voice of Alyssia.
it's the kind of track if it doesn't grow on at first, it probably will after a few listen's.
Dee drop's a few line's to give it that bit of london cheese (lol).
Overall and very nice track and alyssia's vocal's are nice.

the track gets a G'Work$ 8/10

Track Two : Pyar Hogiya

The Track kick's off with an in your face this is the shizzle kind of track (if that makes any sense lol) .
Dee drop's his flow setting alyssia up to set the dance floor alight with her sweet and tender vocals.
the beat and the bassline are too sick, after hearing this track almost a year ago it's a track for the dance floor's
and heavy bassline lover's definitely one of my track's.
The track gets a G'Work$ 9/10 
Track Three : Tera Pyar

Now this track i must say is beautiful, it's a nice mellow track the beat is awesome and combined with the
guiter sound's too good, it's not what i usually sit and listen too but it has certainly grown on me,
again beautiful vocals from alyssia ;).

The track gets a G'work$ 8/10
Track Four : Gal sun

The track starts with a very bollywood feel and then kick's in with a urban kinda vibe and is mixed pretty
well, and you can't help notice the frantic sound. Dee again drop's his flow which isn't too bad,
not much of a stand out track, but the track is really just a remix of the original which featured
on "Ms Scandalous" album "Ladies first".

the track get a G'work$ : 7/10

Track Five : Yeh Vaada Raha

A very nice mellow track which is a kinda re-sung version of the film song "Yeh Vaadra raha", very nice vocal's from alyssia complimented by her soft sweet voice. not my favorite track but still a very well produced track.

The Track gets a G'Work$ 7/10

Track Six : Aaja Mahiya

The track starts off very desi which can only mean it's time to jam to the bhangra baby! (lol), Alyssia pull's it off pretty well despite being very hindi orientated, loved this track another one of my favourites on the album.
this track would Definitely go down well on the dance floors ;).

The track gets a G'Work$ 8/10

Track Seven : Hai Rabba

Ok so now we go back to that nice mellow soft sweet vocal type of track, alyssia performs well and
her voice you can't get enough of really, the track speaks for itself.

The Track gets a G'Work$ 7/10

Track Eight : Kasam Feat Vinod Rathod

Alyssia's first and only duet track on the album, Vinod Rathod is her duet partner on the track a very
good vocalist and goes well with alyssia's soft voice i thought.
The beat is nice and mellow both vocalist's have done well on this track very well produced.

The Track gets a G'Work$ 8/10

Track Nine : Churaliya

When i first switched to this track, i thought i was hearing "Spread Love" from the 'Ms Scandalous' album
'ladies First', it has a very similar beat to that track very RnB vibe to it and i do like this track alot.
I think had Ms Scandalous put a flow on this track, it would have sounded HOT!.
But hey vocal's are good beat is sick enough said ;).

The Track gets a G'Work$ 9/10

Track Ten : Pyar Hogiya (Remix)

Well now we have reached the 10th and final track of the album, the remix of 'Pyar Hogiya'. The remix consist's of a reggaeton vibe which is pretty cool, i still prefer the original version nevertheless a good remix.

The track gets a G'Work$ 7/10

The G'Work$ final thought :

Well what to say, it's been quite a journey after month's even years of waiting the album finally arrived.

Is Alyssia still the Queen of Bollyhood!?…my answer YES without a doubt, i felt this album had the sort
of sound i liked with alot of the track's.
She has one of the best voice's out there in my opinion and i hope to see alot more from her in her
musicial career, my only disappointment with this album was i kinda hoped 'Ms Scandalous'
would have made an appearence in at least one track..but hey i guess this was Alyssia's time to shine.

(This review has been written on my own personal opinion of the album)

Peace G'Work$ 

Alyssia The Queen of Bollyhood

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