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Akshay Kumar interview on Special Chabbis

Akshay Kumar the Brand Ambassador

Bollywood icon with the golden touch, Akshay Kumar, has been signed as Brand Ambassador by two of the world’s most iconic, household brand names – Sure, the globally recognished personal grooming range; and Eveready Batteries, India’s largest marketer of dry cell batteries.

Reflecting the actor’s versatility and brand value in the respective domestic and grooming goods’ markets, Akshay is the perfect choice to represent both brands.  

Akshay Kumar, aka Khiladi  Kumar, will now work his charm and appeal on the FMCG industry with his unique trait of instant connect with the audience.

The superstar himself believes in endorsing only those brands in which he has full faith and can relate to. Becoming nostalgic when commenting on his new venture with Eveready Batteries,

Akshay says, “As a child, whenever I would get a toy I would ask my dad – ‘Where is the Eveready?’ since Eveready was equal to battery in my mind. It is a pleasure to be associated and promote a brand that is so needed and important in everybody’s lives. I thank Eveready for always bringing me and my toys to life.” 

Deepak Khaitan, Vice Chairman, Eveready is pleased to announce popular youth icon, Akshay, as the new brand ambassador, while the actor is quite Sure and Eveready to be the best symbolic incarnation of the empowered lifestyle these brand reflects. 

Akshay Kumar’s previous brand endorsements have included LG, Xbox, Levi’s and Thumbs Up (a subsidiary of Coca Cola).