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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Returns to the cinema screens with a suspenseful and thrilling film ‘Jazbaa’

jazbaa-1bJazbaa sees the returned of one of the finest Bollywood actresses Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starring alongside Irrfan Khan. With supporting acts Shabana Azmi and Jackie Shroff, Sanjay Gupta directs a suspenseful thriller.

The movie is based on an abduction of a child, whose mother is a very good lawyer and now is being demanded to fight the case of a rapist killer. Her job is to free this man and in return she will get to see her daughter. The case reopens initially and all kinds of new clues are shown.

Having seen the movie, there are glimpses of flaws within the movie, but that does not have a major bearing on the film that unfolds. The audience do remain gripped to the screen, it is a power packed and engaging film and despite the flaws and a little bit over-acting, the film is a worthy watch. As for the cast, Aishwarya Rai is good in her role, it has taken a long time for her to get back but this was a fitting role for her as it has a large core of motherhood. Her acting seems realistic and is by no means a weak role for her. Irrfan Khan also does well, his comical timings are impressive and something to smile at in a film that is indulged within conspiracy. It helps to add a touch of humour in a very serious scenario. Shabana Azmi plays a significant role in Jazbaa and she leaves you wondering what her involvement will be like. Jackie Shroff starts off quiet but as the film progresses, he leaps within the case.

Overall the viewing experience is great, would recommend this film to the public, as you will be in for a twisted plot. We rate this film 7 out of 10.