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AAJA AAJA - From the album RELOADED DJ H & DJ Rags

AAJA AAJA – DJ H & DJ Rags reload their decks

Further setting the tone for summer the song is accompanied by a larger than life, high budget, action packed video which will blow your mind. Shot by visual genius Ballistic Productions, the video to this scorching tune is set perfectly in sun drenched Dubai and oozes style and glamour. 

The trailer for the video has got Bhangra forums in a frenzy with fans being allured by scenes of the men behind the music – H and Rags on an Arabian adventure with yachts, luxury cars, sand dunes and a little trouble.

Aaja Aaja’ is the first track from the eagerly awaited second album from DJ H, who brought us the smash hit ‘Ishq Brandy’ with his first album ‘The Debut’.
This time round, H teams up with fellow Calibar Roadshow DJ – Rags for an onslaught of dhols, tumbis and desi melodies on ‘Reloaded’.
The album which is executively produced by the duo and will be out later in the summer features an array of talent which make up the Reloaded Camp including Lehmber Hussainpuri, Pankaj Khanna, Bharat Goel, Manak-E, Tanvir Gogi, Nirmal Sidhu, Miss Pooja, Billa Bakshi, Rebel Man, Kaka Bhainiawala, DJ Bola and Jas Johal. The experience and engineering skills of Kam Frantic and RDB are employed to give this massive album an extra spark. 
Setting the standard high – ‘Aaja Aaja’ is a sneak peek into the quality and pure musical creativity Bhangra fans should expect from ‘Reloaded’, including three further massive single releases teamed up with three high budget visual treats shot in LA, Mumbai and Panjab. 

  DJ H

Look out for the hot video for ‘Aaja Aaja’ across Asian music channels, online and check out www.reloadedcamp.com
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