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A Exclusive interview with Diljit Dosanjh & Neeru Bajwa for Jatt & Juliet 2

Sati Sri Akaal Neeru Bajwa Ji, and Diljit paaji,thank you for taking the time out from your busy promotional tour to talk to us.

NEERU – Hi, Sat Sri Akaal to you too, and thank you for this interview.

DILJIT – Sat Sri Akaal veere, thank you.

What was your reaction when you first found out that Anurag Singh Ji was planning to make the sequel to Jatt & Juliet?

DILJIT: We didn’t get a message that Jatt & Juliet 2 was going to be made. We all sat down before and decided together that we can take this movie forwards in making something that will bring entertaining story. It was not as if one person came and asked the other to come along and lets make it, we all were in this together and it is all of our hard work.

NEERU: I wasn’t surprised really because the success of Jatt & Juliet was amazing, so I was not surprised that we were making the sequel. But it’s not taking forward where we ended the 1st film; it is totally a different story. We maintained all the character names in this film but added much more entertainment and crazy drama.


Working with majority of the same cast again, was it a relief for you that the same team is there to build on the previous success?

NEERU: Everything happens organically, we had a lot of problems on the first one to tell you the truth and everything fell in place when making the second one. We have a beautiful film and it was fantastic meeting everyone, working with them, everybody is really proud of this film.

DILJIT: It felt great and that made this film great too. The team was there from start of 1st film no here towards the 2nd one. A good team will make the project good and we love working together.


Would you say it was easy to shoot the 1st film or the 2nd one?

NEERU: Definitely the 2nd film because we had a bigger budget. It was more fun filming the 2nd one.

DILJIT: Neither was easy, everything you do requires hard work and whatever we did, we worked to deliver what we have produced so far.


The music promos look amazing, what is your favourite track from the soundtrack personally and why?

NEERU: Honestly my favourite track keeps changing every other day, yesterday it was Akhiyaan and Shoulder, this morning I was listening and kept on repeat the track Naina from Sukhwinder Ji. I been listening to each track everyday, it grows on you instantly so for me I keep many to myself closely.

DILJIT: I really like Bhugi, it stands out the most from all the tracks but then again I love the album. But Bhugi is something I have been listening to it much more recently, I’m sure I’ll have a new favourite one by tomorrow.


Were you ever worried maybe that you might not be able to build on the success from the 1st film?

NEERU: Oh totally, totally always had that fear, the whole team actually had that worry all the time. I said a little prayer before when I watched the film for the 1st time. Watching it with my fingers crossed but I and the team are very proud with the film and I think with the 1st one we made an honest film and worked really hard towards it, from pre-production to shooting and to post-production and now the promotions that are going on, everyone is getting on with whatever they have to do in making sure that the audience gets to witness the next instalment and we hope and pray that they all love it as much and more as the 1st one.

DILJIT: No fear, with full confidence and desire we all got together and made this. We knew what we wanted, we knew how we were going to do it and we knew what we had to achieve. So lets see how this film does in the theatres, surely it will be a success. Some have fear but there’s nothing wrong with that, just happy we made this.


Neeru, I know you started your career in Punjabi cinema with Harbhjan Mann ji, are there any major differences between himself and Diljit in terms of how they both work?

NEERU: Of course there is, I think we have to recognise Harbhajan Mann’s contribution to the industry, he paved the way for everyone, he has done a lot. Diljit is from the younger generation and so they both are completely different in their own ways.


You all are doing a fantastic job by creating great films for the cinema. What is it about the Punjabi cinema that interests you and makes you remain in the industry?

NEERU: To tell you the truth, I have always believed in it when I was doing it, I was really fortunate somehow that I kind of been the only female getting majority of the main lead roles, so you do not really see that in such a male dominant industry. For myself, my characters keep getting better and better, the audiences after Jatt & Juliet, just exploded so that’s why I’m getting good rewards and paid well. Most of the audiences are Punjabi fans and that is always a close thing to my heart.

DILJIT: The love the fans give to the industry and of course the culture and tradition that we have gets related and makes our acting much more pleasing to know we can do it our way, the Punjabi way.


Neeru, What would be the best advice for someone who would want to pursue a dream in the Punjabi cinema industry especially for females?

NEERU: Well I’d say that you come towards to any industry is hard work and desire. Even for the Punjabi industry you need to be passionate and 100 times more effort than any other industry. There is a lot that you have to do; a lot of hard work goes in to it. Come and be prepared to give your all and be very passionate of the work and you’ll be proud of it. I know a lot of people in the past would not show so much attention to Punjabi films but now it is a craze and people are talking about it ever so more.


When you were shooting for the film, did you face any specific difficulties?

DILJIT: There were no difficulties; you put hard work in everything anyway so if you don’t do that then you are going to face problems. Whatever you want and hope for, we would work for it. Just pray and ardas that the shoot goes really well which it gladly did everyday.

NEERU: Yes, we shot the film in Canada in December and it was damn cold and it was one of the important scenes, we were literally freezing our bottoms off. But it was actually beautiful in the wintertime. There is actually a scene in the Akhiyaan song, it looks quite sunny beautiful, hot and comfortable but it actually wasn’t. It was freezing and I was wearing a skirt in that shot that really did not help at all.


Your friendship with Diljit looks very close as friends on screen. Did you both mess around on set at all?

NEERU: No, honestly no one has time and energy to mess about on set. Everyone is working so hard and it is not as glamorous and fun as it may seem on camera. We were shooting in extreme temperatures and bad conditions; we all reserved our energy for the action. But Diljit on the other hand did.

DILJIT: I did pangeh on set and I’m just doing them all the time, it creates a friendly atmosphere.


Diljit, Do you prefer singing more or acting? surely there must be one that stands out the most for you?

DILJIT: I really love doing them both, my heart is there at the moment and where my heart is, I’ll carry on doing that so at the moment it is hard to choose, I just love both.


What could fans expect, what is the biggest surprise to look forward to?

DILJIT: All I can personally is that we made a really nice film; it felt good making it as well. All out hard work has been put in to it, everyone go and watch it please, it is full of laughter, will make you all happy watching this.

NEERU: Well, I’m sure there are loads of expectations and I just wanted to say that we have made an honest film and a great film. Worked really hard, the rest is obvious to see in the trailers. I can’t tell anymore than that, the rest is for the fans to go watch it. Lets keep this a surprise for fans to judge themselves, I’m sure they won’t be disappointed, I just request them to go see and then they can tell us what they feel, good or bad.


Neeru, Your own production house ‘Fresh Air Movies’, how did all that start for you?

NEERU: Well me and my sister’s partner and a friend and Mr Santosh, we are very passionate about our work and we love cinema so we decided why not. We knew we want to input something different. We want to make films that we like and what we feel and think that the audiences would like to watch. So that is where the idea came from.


Neeru, Will you just be producing Punjabi films or will you look to expand in to Bollywood films too?

NEERU: Yes this production house will be looking in to more than just Punjabi films. But for now as a start up, my project with Diljit and Gurdas Mann saab will be the first one and further details will be given once ready.


Neeru, Now that you are on the verge of producing, what other roles would you be interested in terms of filmmaking?

NEERU: I’m not too sure yet, I love every aspect of filmmaking, in the future I can’t see myself going away from filmmaking, the only thing I know as far as I know remember was Cinema. I don’t think I want to change and do any other job. I think once I realise I can’t stand around or dancing in the freezing cold for future films all my life, I would love to end up behind the camera at some point.


I’m calling you from London, Southall area to be exact, have you heard of Southall? There are loads of Punjabi’s around here and absolutely adore  Punjabi cinema. Are there any future plans of visiting here to meet fans and promotions?

NEERU: Of course I have, who hasn’t heard of it? In terms of visiting, I’m not too sure, no not really at the moment. The last time I came was for a press conference for the film I did with Harbhajan Mann {Heer Ranjha} . At that time not many people watched the films but for now all I can say to the audience is to get out there and support our industry cinema and watch the films. I’m not forcing anyone to watch them, but I think the cinema is doing so well and everyone’s hard work needs to be carried forward.



DILJIT: Way too early to think about that yet but I’m sure there will be another part maybe few years later. But don’t count that out, anything can happen.


Lastly, who is the funniest. You or Diljit?

NEERU: Most funniest? We have our moments. I am times and then at times he is. I like to compliment myself and make people laugh so just attitude by both of us is great for ourselves and for the team, good chemistry and always motivating. Everyone likes to laugh.


Thank you so much for the interview, it was so great talking to you

NEERU: I really enjoyed this interview very much, it's been my best interview today:) & My first English interview in a while. I really appreciated it how you started the interview with ‘Sat Sri Akaal’ to me so thanks Jassi. Thank you

DILJIT: Thank you so much, I appreciate the interview you did for us, I hope everyone watches the film and be very happy. Thanks Veere, thank you.



Jatt And Juliet releases Nationwide 28th June 2013