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6 Reasons To Be Cheerful

6 Reasons To Be Cheerful

 The Heights #EP (LARGE)

What happens when a protege of Rishi Rich and San-j Sanj combines his talent with the likes of Abbas Hasan, Rita Morar, Navin Kundra, Kiran Dhanoa, Swami Baracus plus new comers Shah Rule and A-Tee…… get 6 reasons to be cheerful.


Released on 12th June The Heights went straight to Number one in the iTunes World Album Charts. The Heights is a 6 track EP crafted by up and coming music producer NaamLess. The EP brings an air of freshness in the current music scene, rather than taking the route most young Brit-Asian music producers take, there is no sign of a dhol or tumbi (no offence to the bhangra heads).


NaamLess twists his way in-between Ballads, Middle Eastern sounding pop, Hip Hop, Old School 80’s and 90’s to deliver his ode to The Heights recording studio where the EP was recorded. NaamLess recently acquired the iconic studio from his mentor Rishi Rich.




1. Mahi Ve – NaamLess ft Kiran Dhanoa

Mahi Ve is not just any song, it’s a story. In all it’s simplicity it plucks at your heartstrings. – Kiran Dhanoa


2. Hayat Albi – NaamLss ft Abbas Hasan

Hayat Albi is all about getting in touch with your sensual side to middle eastern and house vibes. – Abbas Hasan


3. Paint The Town – NaamLess ft Navin Kundra

Pain The Town is one of the most exciting tracks I’ve worked on this year and it embodies nostalgia with a contemporary sound.


4. Sajana – NaamLess ft Rita Morar

It was great working with NaamLess on Sajana. My first full Hindi track, hope the audience loves this chilled out groove we made – Rita Morar


5. Pass The Torch – NaamLess ft Swami Baracus

It’s been 10 years since I worked on my first ever track with San-j Sanj….And 10 years later, Ive now worked with his SON NaamLess for his EP! It’s come full circle, so I’m glad to Pass The Torch to a talented young lad with a bright future! – Swami Baracus


6. Unstoppable – NaamLess ft Shah Rule & A.Tee

Unstoppable is an uplifting summer anthem with a motivational message for the people. A soundtrack to achieving your goals and following your dreams – Shah Rule


This is a song that depicts the truth, it’s something that everybody can relate to, Unstoppable expresses how nothing should ever get in the way of your dreams and your goals….You are Unstoppable – A.Tee