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“47 To 84” Punjabi Movie

 “47 To 84” Punjabi Movie


After a plethora of comedy capers, get set to witness a realistic Punjabi movie titled ‘47 to 84’
that will take over your senses and have you on the edge of your seats from start to the end.
Being directed by Rajiv Sharma who won a national award for his recent punjabi movie and
written by Lally Gill, ‘47 to 84’ is a realistic movie and is going to be a refreshing take on the
journey of a child through the traumatic times of India – Pakistan partition and then when her
life was heading to normalcy, the 84 riots happened. This is a story of a twelve-year-old girl.

She gets to witness the partition at this tender age and then later 1984 riots.
The story is based on true and painful incidents, the suffering of which has been born by the
families in Lahore at the time of partition in 1947 and again on their bodies during the
anti-Sikh genocide that broke in various parts of Hindustan including Delhi in 1984.
It was such a harrowing destruction that made the Sikhs homeless in their own homeland.

Till today several mothers are wondering in vain and still waiting for their lost sons, even
many families are going from pillar to post to get justice. The story of this film starts from
Canada and ends in Canada itself, which contains the suffering of that woman who has
seen the suffering of 47 to 84 with her eyes.