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IIFAs: Nominations announced for Micromax IIFA Awards 2010, Sri Lanka - Paa, Love Aaj Kal & 3 Idiot


On par with ‘Avatar’ success in worldwide Box Office records, ‘3 Idiots’ retains Top 10 Position at UK Box Office in Week 2!


2009 went out with celluloid bang as the much-anticipated film, ‘3 Idiots’, has gone on to set a whole new precedent for Bollywood cinema internationally and broken all previous records following its continued, staggering Box Office response from audiences globally.


Presented and released by Reliance BIG Pictures, the total overseas Box Office gross for 3 Idiots outside of India is a recordbreaking 10 million $US plus, beating records set by any Bollywood release to date.


3 Idiots has grossed more than £1,115m ($1.8m) at the UK Box Office and was the number one film on Christmas Day out grossing ‘Avatar’. In territories such as Australia, screenings of ‘Avatar’ have even been reduced, in order to accommodate additional screenings of ‘3 Idiots’.


The film is UK’s highest grossing Bollywood film of 2009 and now the highest grossing Indian film ever to release in the US, beating the takings of Om Shanti Om which released in 2007. Other territories such as India, Middle East and Australia are also close to this landmark.


From East to West, 3 Idiots takes the audience through an extraordinary experience of self-actualisation, as it chronicles the tale of three friends together in an engineering college. What seems to have touched the right chord in people's hearts is the witty writing, terrific acting and the film’s incisive look into the education system in India.


3 Idiots continues to draw record crowds, including repeat audiences, as it sets a whole new benchmark for Bollywood.

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