When A Star Meets His Biggest Obsessive Fan – FAN Movie Review



Maneesh Sharma directs FAN and it stars Shahrukh Khan in the lead role-playing both as Aryan and the character of Gaurav. A fan that is crazed by the role model the idol and the superstar. But what happens when a fan has his first meet up with the star and it turns sour? Fan movie embarks on that journey and the outcome. The trailer showed enough for you as an audience to walk in knowing what to expect. First half of the film starts off light-hearted and then turns dramatic enough to keep you lured ahead for the remainder of it. First half shows Gaurav’s journey of being the number 1 fan and his path of achieving his dreams of meeting his idol. Pre-interval it was a mixture of humor and tense scenes that helped gather this film to be two sided. The second half becomes a thriller with action implemented to the film but begins to derail with loopholes in the script that leaves the film to be questioned. But apart from the script, the performance was a pleasure to watch.

What works well for FAN is the concept is different and not featured in Bollywood cinema much. But Yash Raj Films have teamed up with Shahrukh Khan and portray his inner world of being Shahrukh Khan. The film portrays the connection he has with his fans but also touches upon a strong message that the film tries to depict. The film gives importance to how an obsession of a fan can ruin lives of others. The actor himself manages to put in a praiseworthy performance with some fine scenes to compliment. Both his characters leave an affective impression to the viewers but it is the character of Gaurav who manages to steal the show. He out-performs the real life Shahrukh Khan on screen. The make up and effects used to make Shahrukh Khan look young, as a fan is quite creative. The film manages to keep you gripped to this thrilling encounter that begins lightly but later transforms into a one to one battle for the best. Fan paves way to the world on how a celebrity has to deal with every day incidents and encounters.

What fails for FAN is the screenplay; the script is a let down. It is built up strongly but begins to falter and go downhill. This predictable film required much more intense and realistic scenes to add to the emotions trying to be shown on screen. There are scenes that are not realistic, in particular with Shahrukh Khan and his tight security in the real world away from movies. This was neglected heavily through the film as well as some scenes being used as fillers and leave no bearing on the progression of the movie.

Overall – We do recommend the movie FAN, even if you are not a fan of Shahrukh Khan, you still should watch this film to try and inhale the strong subject matter and the message the film tries to portray about a star and a fan. The film could have been better but what saves it is the interesting plot and the fine performances carried out by Shahrukh Khan.