#ThrowbackThursday with Saqi and ‘Saqian Da Dhol’


We’re taking you back to the early 90’s when after their debut EP, the band Saqi released their full album onto the masses entitled “Driller Killer” ft. the massive hit track “Saqian Da Dhol” and sang by Kishore with his unique sounding desi / earthy vocals – Enjoy!!

Saqi are 1 of the original Bhangra bands having been formed in the late 80’s. Having won a song contest in 1989 and releasing a string of hits to follow, starting with Debut Album 1991, Project X 1992, Driller Killer 1993, Gemini 1995, and Genesis 1996, with hit songs from these albums such as Paiya, No Entry, Sir Dukh Da, Saqian Da Dhol, Kanak Di Rakhi and Adi Marke. The new era for Saqi began with the album Saqisfaction. 

Scroll down for video: Saqi

Saqi are second to none when it comes to being able to provide the most diverse portfolio of entertainment at the highest possible standards. Known for their raw and high energy performances Saqi have achieved cult status in the music worldwide. The band consists of 2 lead vocalists and six musicians that have remained virtually unchanged since 1991. Saqi are still touring regularly across the globe and have been exceptionally busy in Europe over the last decade. Saqi have always written and produced their own songs and only recently employed the services of other lyricists.

Saqi- Saqian Da Dhol: