The Desi Derby Banger Rally

The Desi Derby Banger Rally


The Desi Derby Banger Rally


“Resh Dorka came up with this Madcap idea and his explanation is as below.
For some unknown reason, other than it sounded like a good idea at 2:00am one drunken night, a group of friends from Derby will be taking a 3 day drive from Derby to Milan. Through England, the entire length of France and over the Swiss Alps into Milan.
To make it more interesting we will be doing this in a car that costs no more than £300!
Starting on Friday Sept 11th (We know right!!) returning by plane, having legally disposed of the cars, or whats left of them, on Monday 14th.

We are raising money for Derby Kids Camp, a great local charity (well local to us anyway) that is entirely volunteer run and takes under privileged kids from the area on a well deserved holiday. Charity Registration No. 510785

Every penny raised will contribute to another kid going on holiday, and we really do mean every penny. (All costs associated with the rally, cost of cars, fuel, ferries, insurance, hotels etc are being covered by the drivers and nothing will be taken from any sponsorship raised.)

Helping these under Privileged Kids is the aim of this Rally and along the way we will be taking pictures and videos of the whole journey for all to see once completed.

Thank you for looking and thank you for your support”.

Please donate via our just giving page