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Punjab2000 heard of the SuperSikh Project through a number of social media platforms and we thought what a “super” idea!
So we went off in search of the creators of the this fantastic comic book about a super Sikh. After a few tweets over the pond we arranged a “high” tech virtual hangout with Eileen Alden co- creator, comic book writer and also Supreet Singh Manchanda also a co-creator.


Eileen Alden
 Eileen Alden is the co- creator, comic book writer and the first known person to become a Sikh as a result of doing extensive research for a comic book .


Supreet Singh Manchanda is the co-creator, Silicon Valley executive, life long fan of comic books with a highly active imagination.



Question 1 – How did you come up with the concept of a super hero in a turban?

Eileen – “I’ve been involved in movies and script play writing for years so when Surpreet found that out he suggested to me “ why don’t i come up with a Sikh character for the screen play”.

Surpreet “we were being sarcastic but we were also being serious at the same time”

Eileen– “so we started pinging ideas back and forward. Then a super hero came up, an Elvis impersonator, all kinds of funny outlandish ideas started to immerge.

Surpreet: Sikhs in space ! lol

Eileen– I really like a challenge and I like thinking outside the box. so I started trying to work that out and it kinda took its life of its own. We started to think about the potential of a new role model a new super hero character. It just really started to resonate.

Surpreet “we also did research and we discovered that there were’nt really any modern positive references to Sikhs in the comic and SI-FI world in all most all instances they were negative. So we though wait a minute we should have a a positive reference and I should mention I grew up in Africa and comics were a very large part of my imagination and still are. I think I think of most people as comic characters anyway. It was a very interesting idea merging with Eileen’s film background & my wackness and we end up with Deep Singh.

Question 2:So what was your inspiration for the story ?

Supreet: the inspiration morely came from the frustration that children don’t have characters that they can relate to. I enjoy making children think. And there’s no modern day hero that they can relate to by sort of becoming them. We wanted to make sure we had someone in the role model we had someone who fostered education. Eileen was talking about the statistics that came out of the Sikh co-alition. And that Sikhs co-alition reported that Sikh children get teased 3 to 4 maybe more times then everybody else. Eileen why don’t you talk about your children.

Eileen: – sure, my children were certainly subjected to bullying and they are definitely inspiring because children tend to let their imagination run wild. They certainly have big ideas. My children are also half African American and half caucasian. So they definitely understand the impact of bullying and stereotyping and negative images in terms of the media and so on. Its easy for me to kind of realise that this idea of building this world of imagery characters and having diversity and images to look up to and images in story books. This is definitely a familiar idea for me. As we think about what will the character look like, what will the character wear, what will the character do, what type of person could we develop. It became easy to sort of envision this character from the eyes of a young person. Think of a 10 year old mind and what they see in the world and how to fashion someone that would appeal to them.

Question 3:  like you said said children worldwide in schools get bullied due to their religious dress wear, will this feature in the books

Surpreet– I’m not sure if it’s featured directly but it gets addressed in the opening sceen, where you end up with Deep Singh actually coming from beating up on the Taliban. We try to bring it in with a normal type of theme.

Eileen – I think that’s really critical. The story is for entertainment. It’s not a moralistic propaganda. Its just an actual entertaining story and I think that just having the image of a modern Sikh character who has all the challenges of trying to be a hero in the modern world but also maintain Sikh values and this in itself is going to support the kids imagination. The story not so much about addressing things in a very specific way. We are in the world of fiction and we have the free range to tell stories and let people draw parallels to their own lives and draw their conclusions.

Surpreet– “the interesting thing is the market place. The character that we see, the children will gravitate to the ones the children can imagine themselves as that character. And we wanted to be able to create that environment so that they can go on their own adventures as Deep Singh or Gurpreet Kaur or who ever our characters come out as. Because I think growing up I did that with the characters I grew up with in the comics books”

Question 4. It’s a very unique topic and there is a gap in the market for this type of comic book that you seem to be filling so congrats to you both

Eileen– yea absolutely . I think fiction in general, there is definitely a gap there, as I was doing research for the comic . I looked for other fiction with main characters who are Sikh. Just to refer to and reference and I couldn’t find them. so I think its sort of a interesting idea to think about how fiction makes peoples minds work and how it inspires them. it’s a whole another way to address topic’s like moral dilemmas and challenges. Trying to find who you are, issues with identitiy. All those things can be addressed in fictions or in different ways or discussed.

Surpreet– and we also decided we wanted him to be human and make a character who is human but not super human. Because I think the ability for people to relate to a human level is more Important.

Question 5 – It a very clever/brilliant way to educate the public about Sikhism in a 21st century cartoon comic book – have you sought any permission or other Sikhs to give guidance on portraying  the characters etc ..

Surpreet– well  I am a Sikh and Eileen is a Sikh and I think the problem with the independent nature of characters if we firstly tell them its fiction. Secondly we try to make our characters so they are Sikhs. And not people pretending to be Sikhs. Because they are Sikhs and we are Sikhs. And Eileen can tell you about her journey on becoming a Sikh . I grew up and was born in a Sikh family. So I have a rich history of family that I can tap into who are very devote and have a lot of knowledge. The interesting thing with Eileen and her journey into becoming a Sikh is many other things we take for granted and she doesn’t so that allows us to ask the question and wheel that into the characters.

Eileen – right I totally agree I think the interesting thing about our story is, and its just one story. So its not going to serve everybodies perception. This is just the story of one particular individual. And we are recognising that as a modern Sikh person that person is not perfect, they are on a journey. My own personal journey really came through doing the research for the comic because I had been a atheist, not really in any shape or form religious and I wanted to do an accurate job or just a very respectful job as I wanted to do the research for the comic and I did that research on my own . Thanks to the internet and wonderful books that I have gotten from Sikh research institutes and other places. What happened was I did all the research to craft the story but then I found out I couldn’t stop doing the research for some reason and I thought I was just kind of developing this passion or hobby just to keep myself informed and I went a little be further and was doing some touches on the comic. And thinking well maybe this character needs to occational quote grubani or something or maybe I need to refer to that and then I started to read gurbani but I was not happy with the English translations and so instead of English translations I learnt Gurmuki and started taking punajbi tutoring. So I started doing my own translations and I fell in love with the Guru and became very personally affected by my reading and my research and those moments of comptaplating Gurbani had profound impact , pretty much as the Guru said happens..

I had to accept the idea that I was now looking at my life through the Sikh lens. Certainly I am not perfect either so I find it very relatable when I think about this character and my own journey into Sikhi. And that I try to really embrace my own flaws but keep improving. I do a lot of Gurbani Vchaar its kind of my favourite thing to do when im not working on the comic. It wasn’t something I thought out. I eventually had to realised im spending hours everyday just reading and contemplating gurbani and just finding so much insight about everything in the world. On a day to day basis I think about my values and what I do and to me learning the gur-muki has made a huge different. I didn’t come from any background or religion .i didn’t do yoga like other people who found Sikhi through yoga. I just was on my own with the text in certain way and getting help from people on understanding the text. But that’s really what my path was.
Surpreet- some people come through yoga some people come from yoda. lol!

 wow – so you can read & write in Punjabi!

Eileen – my family and friends it’s funny because none of them know anything about Sikhi. Sometimes when I have an insight or a revelations about something im learning about like hukam or about an idea that’s really profound to me, I share it with my friends and family. They are just in a kind of awe Two reasons, number one they would never really expected me as I am a very analytically  person and the other reason is they say it sounds great, we can’t see anything wrong with it, it sounds really inspiring, its educational.

Surpreet– whats very interesting was when I was talking to Eileen’s son and I asked him so what do you think about this. He said well it actually makes sense because it seems to be the way one should be and hes someone who doesn’t have Eileen depth of experience or any of that. But just looks at it at a logical modern way of living and Sikhi seems to fit 100%.

Questions 7 -Eileen have you changed the way you look ie your appearance?

Eileen – right I sort of gotten on the path of changing the way that I look to some degree because I’m really trying to embrace the idea of eliminating homay. And im trying to observe my own life through that lens. One interesting point I would mention is that it’s a particular challenge in some way because of as an artist, ive always thought about the way I look as a way of expressing myself kind of artistically. So there is an interesting intersection as I think about how much of the way I look is driven by ego and how much of the way I look is driven by my own expression of my imagination and ideas so I think it’s a great exercise that’s been tremendously helpful to me as a person to start examining that more and really think about that more.

Surpreet– the interesting thing ive noticed is the difference in those couple years ive known Eileen is much happier and that happiness comes out in smiles and laughter in a way that it just transcends everything. People stop looking at the way she dresses as much as looking at the way she smiles. That’s really important. And that’s what I’ve seen.

Eileen – arww that’s so nice, thank you

Surpreet– ahhh well you can pay me later. lol!


Question 7 – how did you come up with Deep Singh

Surpreet– I dunno how did we come up with Deep Singh

Eileen – Baba Deep Singh was one of the first inspirations. So just thinking about who is this character and also just thinking about a name that people from the west and east could kind of easily grasp but it wouldn’t be too much of an obstacle for them to just get invested in the story. It just seemed to really just fit. I mean that was my take on it.

Surpreet– yeah I think we was also trying to make sure that there’s not any characters whose names get butchered in different cultures in such a way that the name becomes the butt of a joke.

Eileen– keep it simple sometimes is the best.

Surpreet – right, keep it simple surpreet lol!

Question 8 – What sort of powers does agent deep Singh have? will he have a gun & weapons

Eileen– yes guns weapons, you know the arsenal of whatever he needs. you know hes not an aggressor, he’s a defender. He’s also a modern defender.

Surpreet– hes not wimpy

Eileen – not at all, think about him having sort of that utility belt like batman might have. You know sort of the ability to have cool gadgets but then also training to use weapons like a secret agent for example James bond or mission impossible.

Surpreet– we have ninja characters with Sikh characters with historical characters with modern day heroes sort of to look at how one would get trained. I’m the armour and gun designers. I’m the boy in this process.

Question 9 – will Deep Singh change into other forms like super man , will he have a day job ? work at costco ? lol  What sort of powers does agent Deep Singh have?

Eileen– no he won’t change into other forms. I think its really important to note that in this case and in this character we wanted to really show this modern person who is also a super hero so it doesn’t require him to change forms I mean were still in the realm of fantasy so of course he’s going to have you know skills that are kind of beyond belief. But just in terms of the source of his abilities and the source of his power. That comes from a very kind of human place. It’s not a super human place.

Surpreet– you know when I first read your question “ will he change” I’m thinking like an accountant i am like noo not an accountant. I love Costco he could work at Costco. But no hes an IT guy we wanted to make sure he had some technology knowledge you know. I mean he uses a Mac. lol!  ( private joke – we love PCs Surpreet loves Macs!)

Eileen – we don’t know if he uses a Mac. There’s been no official endorsements. lol!

Surpreet– as a Co-creator I insist he uses a Mac. lol!

Eileen– so yeah as far as his powers go, you know its things like his incredible intuition and he has amazing fighting skills.

Surpreet– yeah he’s spend time with the Israelis

Eileen – hes clever ermm

Surpreet – he’s perspective

Eileen – yeah he’s perspective right.

Surpreet– and most important he keep seeing things. He finds the pattern. He’s looking at what stands out and that’s always like this doesn’t fit in this picture and that’s how he’s able to get that reaction time before anybody else.
Eileen – right and he also has a lot of support. You know he has his cousin called Gurpreet Kaur, who is a scientist and she’s helping him with all kinds of gadgets and devices he could use. If we do well with kickstarter then hopefully we will also get to the point of showing her story which is the next story. So the next sort of story arch after Deep Singh story arch which is the first 4 issues are Deeps Singhs story arch then we go to Gurpreet’s Kaur who takes our stage in another adventure. So thats sort of the longer term path.

Surpreet– she’s a ninja master too. lol!

Question 10 Your target market is kids but boy do i want get this and I am old very old…lol

Eileen– well you know that’s true in the US you know the comic book are kind of all ages. I think they really speak to that kid at heart a lot of times. And even if you look at the popularity of these super hero movies that come out it kind of time less. In some ways the stories are just fun, adventurous. I don’t know how you cannot like that.

Surpreet– and if you think of it, whats happened is that there has been an evolution of when you had comics when you were kids that were simplistic that we grew up with and then as we grew up theres been an evolution to the whole industry of comic-ology, where they’ve taken on more complex subjects and it’s become more image based story telling. Gone from image based story telling to animation then from animation to full blown movies and I think what’s happened is as we’ve grown up the whole generation of us that went from comics to animations to movies. The nostalgic factor of looking at a comic and holding a paper in your hand and remembering also really is a powerful pull for all the people that are old. Your never old if you can enjoy a great story. And thats really where we come back to. We could of put this out in 6 months but we really took couple of years to sort of keep at it. The story we think is more important .
Eileen– right

Question 11 – Have you seen Chaar Sahibzaade ? that animation movie sent a powerful message to the world – do you plan to take Deep Singh into the movie world via TV or cinema?

Surpreet– yeah so I saw Chaar Sahibzaade that’s an animation movie. I thought for a first attempt that was a pretty good thing. I think the only problem I had with that is we think our Guru’s and the other figures around them are becoming dearfied as opposed to being the humans that they were. And that’s one of the key reason we wanted to keep everything very human. And Eileen do you want to take the next question.

Eileen – well my most familiar format is screen play and so ive done short films that are very micro budget films and so my ideas sort of start in a screen play mode then ive been adapting them into comic format. So like Surpreet im also a comic head although ive been more into the indi side the underground indi side in the comic world.

Surpreet– not indi indian but indi independent.

Eileen – underground independent, the more alternate comic spaces, where ive always gravitated towards. You just have a lot more personal stories and certainly some super hero formats but a little bit more diversity in the stories. But in terms of cinematic potential, sure.

Surpreet– we would love to do that. I think that’s the next big thing.

Eileen – yeah I think it doesn’t matter what media you take it in, it can be animated, it can be live action, I think you can certainly see this type of character come to life.

Question 12 – so do you now dream in comic style too ? lol

Eileen – If I dream in comic style ? I think when I dream. I dream about big crazy ideas. That tends to be my style. I think Surpreet you probably have that in common too .

Surpreet– I call myself an imaginer. Because I think that’s the job we have to work with the children. And you can’t just start a story. It was very funny because we started a story. We said we will tell a story about Deep Singh. Then we had to have characters around him. And now those characters have to have personalities and then there’s complexity and the environment. And all of a sudden it’s a whole eco system that we are building. Its almost like a virtual world. I would love to have a bunch of kids involved and say “you tell us what this character ort to do somewhere down the road and tell us your story on how they stood up for their values and what they think is important to them. What I would love, is that what we are doing is planting seeds and we hope what we do with these seeds will grow into trees and become stories in their own right and other people can take them on and help us build this. You know into a full-fledged aco system. Does that make sense.

Eileen– it makes sense to me .

Surpreet– well that’s good

Question 13 – Eileen – You wrote on twitter “ I may be the first known person to become a Sikh because of doing research for a comic book”. what do your family & friends say about that ? did some people “laugh & joke” at you when you said this?

Eileen– Well lets see People knew that I was writing this story and they have seen me do outside of the box stories before for example passion for shoes, dry clean culture etc. My last comic was Santa Vs Aliens and they have seen me embrace from a writing and creative perspective a quite unusual topics and dive straight into these stories. I think what was quite surprising for them was this one was personal, it didn’t encompass a project and so I think that part was a little bit shocking to them but respectful about it.

Surpreet I think it helps with the depths you went to and did the research and the values you brought out in it. It is funny that you have the best explanations of Sikhi done because they are very simplistic and I love the reaction of your kids and I love watching them be normal. You know when people are normal about it all of a sudden you know its amazing because people are not trying to self step around you because something is weird happening.

Question 14 –  did some people “laugh & joke” at you at 1st when you said this

Eileen – No absolutely. They do think it’s a little bit crazy the amount of times and commitment I make but it’s because I love it. I’m swimming in gurbani in some ways on a day to day basis so I think on that part they’re kind of like really? doing twice a week vachaar, the tutoring and researching and I am always translating so that part is a bit shocking to them but they’re like ok you’re having a great experience so more power to you.

QUESTION 15 – so how long has this project taken you from the 1st brain wave to now ?

Surpreet – I think this is almost 2 and half years from the initial ideas and laughed our heads off!

 SuperSikh Comic Signing APE 2014
SuperSikh Comic Book signing

QUESTION 16 –  how much will the comic book  retail at ?

Surpreet – We thought initially we would get 1000 comics which is costing us as our seva. We are raising $5000 on kickstarters, in an ideal world that is 4 comics that’s $5000 each and we can raise which would be $20,000. We would send them to anybody who signs up to the kickstarter campaign and if you come check us out on, type in ‘Super Sikh’ and you will find us. We have not thought about retail after that but we were thinking of also creating digital versions so then people can download it. I have been in conversations with other people to change how the comic is written with the same imagery but in Portugese, Panjabi, Spanish and hopefully in Mandarin so we can get a much larger distribution. We haven’t really thought about retail.

Eileen – I have done that work with my other comic and I have done other independent ventures with my other creations in the past for example record labels with music and bands. One thing I think that is true that when you are operating on such a small level it is not a for profit venture. In low quantities it is about the passion, you do not want to really turn it into a commercial venture unless you can catapult it into the higher levels. So for me, my eyes are open but this is not really the kind of project that will be a Marvel or DC experience. This is a much more of a niche experience and if we can just manage the cost of creating them then that in itself is an achievement because it lets us keep going forward as Supreet says. We have a lot more comics to make so if we can continue to cover the cost of making them, producing them and printing them and everything else then we can keep on going.

Surpreet – I think a lot of distribution is hard for the first one and if they like it then I think that will give us feedback of whether they want the distribution. Once we finish the printed version then we may go to the digital version, create another printed version and then a digital version and so on.
Eileen – The printed version is released first and the digital version is around 1 month later.
Surpreet – To do the other languages we would go to another level but we shall see where this goes – the key thing is the success of this venture.

QUESTION 17 – whats Deep family like ?

Eileen – Deeps origin is from Africa, so you will like that His parents are doctors who carried out humanitarian work in Africa. When Deep was younger his parents carried out one of their missions and went missing/lost so an unexplained disappearance. At that time Deep is a young man and gets raised by local friends in the village until such time where his Aunt and Uncle take him in & bring him back to India. So our story is that classic independent instruction which you shall see…he remembers his dad through the flashbacks. His dad was a big Elvis fan. It won’t be a complete history of Deep Singh as we will bring this out in later chapters.

Surpreet – We are not trying to create a pity party either

Eileen – Oh No , you know everyone has history so his story is across different continents but also remembering his dad a lot because he’s inspired by his dad & lessons learnt by his teachings and attitudes and his Dads love for Elvis which is a direct memory. He lives with his aunt and uncle, Gurpreet’s parents and Gurpreet so that is the real core part of the family we are talking about.

Surpreet  – We are creating his sidekick ‘Jarnail’ and purposely made him African American as we have seen the subtle discrimination with panjabis of color i.e you’re so white , you’re so dark. We wanted to say and maybe because my roots from Africa that all this business related to color and caste and custom is all 15th century and need to think in terms of being progressive.

Eileen – yeah I think it’s one of those characteristic s of Deep Singh. You know its interesting, I was asked on twitter I think it was whether you know Deep Singh would embrace caste cause I am American so I don’t have that background. I just thought well wow. This is just one of those cases where my response was you know absolutely not he’s really honestly trying to espouse his Sikh values and live his life with purpose with reference to gurbani or teaching. And so that’s really not a part of him. Hes about justice and equality in his actions and deeds and you will just see that come out its not always easy for him.

Surpreet– well you know he has embraced caste. We made him a soap stone thingy of him, we might caste him in bronze! lol!

Eileen– so yeah that’s also a really interesting thing you can do when you do embrace this sort of idea. What does a modern Sikh fictional character look like? How do these things play out for him? How willing is he just to live those values? I would like to think that would be inspiring for some kids to think about you know, you can actually take this tradition and everything that’s historical and bring it forward.

Question 18 – how many page in the 1st book – will Deep say he met Punjab2000 online lol

Surpreet– lets see its got 22 pages in the first comic book right?

Eileen – I think it’s growing a little bit, I we might end up put 24. We’re working on that right now.

Surpreet– can I vote for 26? Going once going ? How about 25. That’s a complicated one how do we work that one. lol

Eileen– well you know Amit Tayal who is the artist who is working with us. Working with him is phenomenal and you know hes just really bringing the pages to life and so sometimes this is true on some of my other works on comics. Its one of those things where you know were making art you know so its not like were making an app. Its very much like wait a second is this really being pasted out as we expected. Do we need another moment here or have we lost someone in transition from page to page. Its kinda like directing a movie or making editorial choices so its just a work in progress right up til the end.

Question 19 –  is Ameet paid or volunteer for this great project ?

Surpreet– Amit is paid for some of the marketing things we do. Eileen and I have consciously not taking any of money on this. We think of this as seva.

Eileen– correct

Surpreet– but when they make the movie, no bets are off.

Eileen -right

Question 20 you have 48 backers and collected already $4,299 pledged of $5,000 goal near;y there then by the end of this week
(Ps. since the interview the team have surpassed their original targets!)

Surpreet– yes very lucky we have 48 backers. Oh wow $4,299. That’s even more then what I looked at earlier

Eileen– we could almost issue number 1. We’re getting really close.

Surpreet– its funny because all our backers are doing the high end stuff. We got no backers doing the low end stuff.

Eileen– this is the opportunity to pre-sell and place your order now. We’ve got a lot of people for example signing up for all 4 issues. i will sign up now and as they come out,we’ll just mail them out. You can literally just sign up for the year basically to get the 4 issues as their done. And I do hope we do hope reach some of those goals and go on to the next issue.

Question 21- were will the premiere / book signing by you

Eileen– premier/book signing

Surpreet– sure

Eileen– sure that will be great. That would be amazing. Maybe we should have a trip to London. Or we have the guest artist too. Some of those guest artist are in the UK as well. So we’ve got Raj Singh Tattal the pen-tacular-artist , Jagmohan Singh of the . Those are two amazing artist that are home grown for you that are doing special limited cover editions. We’ve also got people from SikhToons

Surpreet-describe what a special edition cover is Eileen

Eileen– oh sure. So in comic’s you sometimes have a guest artist that steps in to do a special cover and so for us we’ve done that. Obviously Amit is our core artist who’s drawing and illustrating the interiors of the book and he will also do the standard edition cover. Which is sort of what we’re calling the classic comic. So this is the one that will be our standard. We have these very limited special edition versions which are done by the guest artist. It’s incredibly exciting because we see these artist in their own right have established themselves you know as illustrators who then come in and give their take on our characters and our story. So in that front we have four of them. we’ve got 4 issues. What we called four limited edition covers that are coming out. One is fromVishavjit Singh of Sikh Toons he’s also an activist dressed as a Captain America. So he’s got a great sensibility particularly on this issue around images and stereotypes and bullying from a comic perspective. We’ve also got from Bhagat Singh from Sikhi Art He does phenominal art. I am really just jealous at how good his skills is at such a young age.then we’ve got Raj Singh Tattal . Whos a pantacular artist. And his art is black and white. You’ve probably seen it online. That’s where I first saw his work. Its just tremendous detail. Its just an incredible vision that he has. Hes going to be doing issue 3. Then finally an artist who is actually new to me until I started doing this comic project. Jagmohan Singh goes by the name of the royaljesters . His work is very unique I almost don’t know how to describe it, its images that remind me of the work of some of my favourite comic artist like Sam Keith, a little bit of dave mckeen. Just really interesting imagery. His perspective and his style is great for that finial issue. And I don’t want to give to much away on what happens on this particular story. But Im really excited to see him bring it home for us and hes also in the UK.

Question 22: Its   great how you have put together Sikhs that were already doing something in thier own right and now contributing to this book

Eilieen– I also want to answer this question about working with people that are already doing something. One of the things we’ve mentioned on this talk is the idea of having a universe of characters and a lot of variety. You know I think that’s hugely important. We didn’t come out of no where. There are artists out there and communities and theres hopefully a whole network who have stories to tell and art to show and we are just part of that and for me that’s great to build that community among other artist. And really have that reach and connection and when I look at those artist that have joined forces. It makes me so inspired.

Question 23 – collaborations are great instead of starting afresh – you have demonstrated that on this project very well

Eileen– right right. Yeah and each of these artist are going to use their own style that they will bring to the cover. So its kinda like the best of both worlds you get you know for example pen-tacular-artist will do his cover in his own style in a black and white version. Where as on the other hand you get Bhagat Singh from Sikhi Art will be colourful. You just get this variety of styles in the community of artist.

Question 24- coming to the end of the great super Sikh interview whats you personal message to the new fan base

Surpreet– thank you very much we’ve enjoyed this interview
Eileen– its been so great
Eileen– whats personal message to the new fan base
Surpreet– come join us!!! Come to kick starter help us get more issues done faster. lol!
Eileen– Yeah I think absolutely, it’s a journey and I hope people come along for a ride. It’s going to be an adventure for us and our character and so we just hope everyone will come along.
Surpreet– we’ve enjoyed this
Eileen – thank you for reaching out, & we are truly gratefully for it.

You too can Support the Project here