South Side Story – starts Mon 26th at 9.30pm BBC Three

BBThreeSouth Side Story

Structured reality show focusing on the real lives of a group of 18-25 year-old south Londoners, who like to burst into song to express themselves via the UK’s biggest chart hits.


Episode 1 starts

MONDAY 21:30

Choreographer Gilly wants to get his street dance crew Trilogy back together, but gets a shock when a blast from the past turns up at the auditions. Alaric has a new gym instructor to train, but Jayden keepsgetting fresh with the ladies.

Singers Ny and MC Lady Lykez don’t take kindly to Jayden’s advances, so Lykez challenges him to a rap battle. Radio DJ Yinka has had enough of dating, but her man-ban is put to the test on a girl’s night out and a chance encounter with lothario Alistair.


Episode 2 of 6

Following the fallout with his former best friend and jailbird Levi, Gilly’s situation goes from bad to worse, as Fayy takes exception to his refusal to let Levi back into the Trilogy fold. DJ Yinka goes on anunusual date with ladies man Alistair, but her brother isn’t at all happy.

Aspiring singer Ny has bad news at work and from home, but will her friends be suitably sympathetic? Or will fellow singer Jodie’s party prove more important?