Naukar Woti Da - Comedy Play

Naukar Woti Da – Comedy Play



Once upon a time in 2012, a man called Fatte Chak Singh was living with his wife Manjeet Kaur (Aka) Hunter Wali in the city of London.


Hunter Kaur believes that marriage is nothing but just give and take. Give me happiness and I’ll give you pain. Fatte Chak dances on Hunter Wali’s tunes, cooks food for her and sings songs for her. In short he is a perfect ‘Naukar Woti Da’ but one fine day Hunter Wali’s younger sister Sonali (Aka) Jugni comes to their house to spend her summer holidays and then……there is love in the air.


A triangular love story begins……


A nonstop race of fun and laughter starts. Fatte Chak runs after Jugni and Hunter Wali runs after Fatte Chak.


‘Naukar Woti Da’ is a Punjabiwood Comedy Play based on love full of hatred.


Full family entertainment with lots of laughter, fun, music and dance.